Diet Challenge

Day 1

Here we are at the beginning of the road, taking that first step and what I am faced with, cakes! Lots and lots of cakes.

I woke up ready to go. My breakfast was planned out, porridge with semi skimmed milk and chocolate protein powder from my good friends at Prana Protein. In my meal plan it said to add banana but I HATE BANANAS! Why in every diet do they suggest them? I am not a fan at all, they a mushy and weird. I love running and because of that people are always suggesting them for me to eat when training. BUT NO! Stop trying to push them on me! (sorry rant over) So instead I added strawberry to the meal. It was tasty and really filling. I had never put protein powder into my porridge before and it really worked, meant it added a nice flavor and there was no need for honey or sweetener to be added. With all the delicious varieties of protein Prana have sent me I am sure I wont get bored of the breakfast anytime soon.

I spent the day being my mum’s taxi driver as she had an appointment at the hospital so a lot of waiting around. First hurdle was the coffee run, of course while you are waiting to pay you are surrounded by cakes and chocolate. What I decided to do was to actually  listen to my body and I didn’t need it as I was still full from my yummy breakfast. So I walked away with my black coffee, proud that I hadn’t given in to that all too tempting product placement.

After my mum’s appointment was over I wanted to take her somewhere nice. We headed to the Three Sisters Bake in Killearn. I walked in and instantly I was thinking “OH SHIT!”. The place was filled with the most delicious looking cakes I have ever seen. Brownies, chocolate cake, carrot cake, scones, cookies, everything sweet and bad for you. They even had my personal favorite, empire biscuits. This was torture! But I looked away and thought about why I was doing this challenge and how I didn’t want to lose. I sat down and chose to sit facing away from the cake stand, I know this sounds stupid but it actually helped sitting looking at the view rather than staring at the cakes throughout our lunch. This is a strategy I am going to keep up over the next six weeks.

Scanning the menu all I could see was sandwiches, macaroni cheese and quiche, none of which fitted in with my meal plan. Then I spotted the jackpot, Salmon Beetroot Salad! Woo Hoo! Something that sounded very like what I was meant to have for dinner – salmon, beetroot, potatoes, lemon and a small bit of horseradish sauce. It arrived and it was delicious. I wasn’t at all jealous of my mums soup and cheesy sandwich. Instead I was so happy, satisfied and so full! This was great. I left the restaurant feeling guilt free and proud with my meal choices.

Feeling slightly peckish and to be honest craving something a sweet, so strawberries for me. They are my favorite fruit so I am happy to have these as a sweet snack. They totally quenched my thirst for a sweet treat.

Winner, winner chicken dinner. Seeing as I had went out for lunch my salad I prepared earlier in the day was now my dinner. Really simple side salad with peppers, corn and chicken breast. To be honest it is not the most exciting salad or dinner I have ever had but I feel full and healthy. Now I am off to see a play, I will need to stay away from the ice cream at the interval.

Looking back at the day
I’m starting to realize that I am going to face temptation every day of this challenge and the person that can stop me giving into those is me. That means this is not going to be an easy six weeks but it might also be the six weeks that change my relationship with food forever. Considering all the temptations today I think I did really well. Although I won’t be surprised if I start having dreams about the chocolate Guinness cake I saw today. But my meal choices were good and I’m feeling happy and on track. DAY 1 DONE!

Tomorrow could be a different story as I have a 1st birthday party which is going to be a sea of sweet treats and then a girly sleepover and we all know what happens at those! Lets see how it goes.


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