Diet Challenge

Day 2 

I woke up knowing today is going to be tough. I am going to a 1st birthday and we know what that means, party food! All types of sweet treats that we all crave as they take us back to our childhood. Then I have a girly sleepover which usually consists of pizza, ice cream and overindulgence. Let’s hope I can keep my trainers voice in my head and my hand out of the cookie jar.

Usually brekkie – porridge and blackberries. Again no bananas as I hate that shit. But as I am at my parents I had no protein powder so I’m hoping without it I still feel full the rest of the day. As I don’t want to be craving anything at the party later.

Starbucks. Oh Starbucks where do we start. They are pros at the art of product placement. You have to stand beside all the cakes, sandwiches and treats while you wait. Everything is sitting there saying “you know you want me”. It’s so difficult. But as my friends were all perusing what’s on offer. I went straight up to the main till and ordered my iced americano. I didn’t even hang about near the till. Straight to the waiting area, away from all temptation. I knew I wasn’t even hungry so it was annoying that everything looked so enticing.

As I sat down with everyone I looked around as everyone tucked into their paninis and cinnamon buns. I sat there just keeping the conversation going rather than staring at their food. Much to the amusement of the girls I did actually end up whipping out my Tupperware full of blackberries and having them to keep me going.

Sandwiches, gingerbread, cupcakes, sausage rolls, birthday cake…all the usual selections on a buffet at a kids party. It was a full array of everything delicious and childlike. I managed to stay away from everything apart from one ham finger sandwich and 3 cocktail sausages. All in all a total of 165 calories. I know I didn’t fully stay away from it all, I’m still proud I didn’t even have one bit of cake.

Bring on the girly evening. Now one thing I didn’t mention at the start of this blog is that I am NOT giving up booze. I love wine. I love it so much I have a qualification on it. So I will not compromise and give that up. Wine will forever be on the agenda. So with any girly night the prosecco was popped open. Over the night I had 3 glasses which comes in at 240 calories. It’s one of the lighter of the wines. And i did not feel guilty at all having my wine. No judgement!

I was very happy to find out that our dinner at our girly night was fajitas. Watching the others load theirs with sour cream and cheese. I just kept those at the other end of the table. I instead had salad with my fajita chicken and veggies. I didn’t feel like i was missing out. But instead happy that I made a healthy choice at a girly night.

Then came movie time and I did have about 4 handfuls of popcorn. I feel like my willpower had been so good all day that I had ran out by then. So popcorn was had. Oh well I will make up for it tomorrow.

Looking back at the day
Well with a day where at every turn I was faced with cakes, chocolate, crisps and cravings, I managed to stay away. I know I went over slightly but nothing major as I still made healthy choices and never felt like I was missing out. Now I know if I can get trough this day without caving, I should be able to face most other hurdles.


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