Diet Challenge

Day 3

This day should be much easier with a lot less temptation…lets hope!

After a good old lie in with the girls we went down for breakfast, I was a bit worried that a full English or rolls would be on the cards but thank god it wasn’t. As some of the girls opted for toast or eggs with toast, I opted for two boiled eggs. I hadn’t had these in ages and forgot how much I like them as a breakfast. Now I know this isn’t on my meal plan but I have a life and sometimes you have to adapt to what the best option is in front of you, and that’s exactly what I did. One thing I always thought was that boiled eggs never filled you up, but actually they did all the way to lunch. And the best part was that no one was judging me for just having the eggs as everyone was having something different.

I headed into town to do some shopping with my family and we stopped in the Tiso café  for lunch. You would think that an outdoor/fitness store would have healthy options for lunch…WRONG! Just sandwiches, none of which would suit. The only thing I could go for was the soup as that seemed to be the best bet. I even managed to not touch the little bread roll on the side (next time I will just ask them not to bring the bread). Many of you who know me will know how much I love bread and already today I had turned it down twice, I was very pleased with myself. Again my second meal today was not on my meal plan but I had to make the best decisions while out and about.

I have printed off my plans and stuck them to my bedroom walls as a constant motivation to look at and to help me make decisions of what to have each day.  My shopping list is written which I will be strictly sticking to in the supermarket. Now I am going to walk to the supermarket which is a good 2.1 mile walk, so a nice 4.2 mile walk in before dinner as I do not feel like doing weights today and planning a heavy session with my PT tomorrow.

Dinner was simple but delicious – salmon, sweet potato and veggies. I hadn’t cooked salmon in so long I actually had to look up how to cook it. Went for the classic baked salmon with lots of lemon and chili. It was delicious. I think its one of those things you could get bored of quickly if you had too often. But when I was looking at how to bake it I found lots of different ways to cook salmon so if I do get bored over the next six weeks then I know I can mix it up.

I am really wanting something sweet (you can see this is a problem I have a lot) so I had some calories left over for the day. Caramel rice cake with a wee bit of peanut butter to the rescue. Yum Yum Yum!! This is one of my favorite snacks so when I saw it was on the meal plan I was so happy. Now time for a nice relaxing bath before I take on the craziness of the next week.

Looking back at the day
The more I think about it, the more I realize I chose the worst time to start a diet. I have parties, girlie nights and am going to London for work for most of next week. So many temptations, a lot of eating out and not much of a routine. Yet, this is meant to be a lifestyle change rather than a diet so maybe it is the perfect time. I need to still have a life, I cant let my diet take over, instead it should be part of my lifestyle. So far it has helped me to be more aware of when I’m actually hungry and what to look for on menus.

As we are only on day 3 I can tell I’m still at that optimistic stage, I’m sure there will be some crazy stages along the next 42 days. But so far, so good.


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