Diet Challenge

Day 4

This day is going to be easy and I think it will be the only day I say that this week.

Brekkie time and I wake up feel not as sluggish as I did last week when I was in the states drinking beer and eating nachos everyday. Classic breakfast of porridge with chocolate Prana Protein and strawberries. I love this because its like having a chocolate desert to start your day, but without the guilt.

This looks gross but it’s delicious 

12 noon
Went to see my trainer, Mike Peake, which gave me a good boost this morning. We had a heavy session with legs as my goal to have a bum like Kardashian/Nicki Minaji/Beyoncé. Between sets we spoke about my meal plans and the week ahead. It was nice to have someone to talk to about it all who is also doing a cut just now and someone who isn’t judging me for wanting to do this. I know that sounds crazy but people judge you the minute you tell them you are on a diet. You end up feeling ashamed and not wanting to talk about which is crazy because you are trying to be healthier. Mike gave me lots of good tips for eating on the go and let me vent about a couple of things. After my sessions I always feel so good but today I felt even better and motivated.

We did a weigh in at the session today and it turned out I had lost 4lbs! Now this is not something to get too excited about because at the start of these things you always lose water weight first but this was such a boost. I had that voice in my head go “it works, this works!”. Cant wait to see what my weight is at the 7 day mark after a few days in London.

I was staring to get pretty hungry after my session so I came in and made lunch straight away. Very simple – whole meal pita filled with tuna and salad. It was really good. I added a little lemon and seasoning which I think helped, but this is for sure a lunch I wouldn’t mind having most days. And I got to have bread and not feel guilty, this is awesome!

Dinner was the same as last night – salmon, sweet potato & veggies. This time I added some Mexican spices to the salmon, so good! Would highly recommend it.

Also decided to tell my other half what I am doing with this diet. I know that sounds stupid but I didn’t tell him straight away as I knew what his reaction would be – “you don’t need to do that”. Which is amazing, I am so lucky to have someone who truly loves me the shape and size I am, but he also understood that I am doing this for me, not anyone else. I think I took advantage of his competitive nature and told him that I was viewing it as personal challenge to see if I could actually do it. he then became much more supportive and was full of question, questions I hadn’t event thought of, like “what happens at the end of the 6 weeks?” and “can you have cheat days”. To be honest I didn’t know the answers, but the main point I wanted him to know was that I wasn’t going to give up my life and give up going out with my friends and family over a diet. Again I was nervous to tell someone I was doing this cut, and I don’t know why.

Now I am off to watch my guilty pleasure tv show Made in Chelsea and tuck into one of Sweet Mint Yogi Teas, another great wee supplement if you are having some sweet cravings.

Night x


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