Diet Challenge

Day 5

Today is a day of travel so it is all about being prepared.

I decided to start my day with a workout. I don’t like eating before workouts so I tend to workout before I start my working day. Also as many of you may know I am an avid fan of the early morning workout (although today was a late start). My last freelance post was all about that, take a read here.

I headed to the gym and started my new program form Mike, something I am excited to get started with as we are focusing more on whole body this time and mixing things up a bit. The gym is a 0.6 mile walk from house, at the start I felt tired and not up for a workout but after I got half-way I was ready to start the day. That could have been because of the fresh air or also because of the epic tunes I was listening to on a playlist on Spoitfy called ‘Perfect Day’. After an hour and half in the gym I headed home ready for some breakfast. Same as the other days – porridge, protein powder and strawberries.

I decided to get prepared, I am travelling to London by train all day which means there will be temptation. So I chose to eliminate that temptation by preparing all my food for the day. I made my lunch in advance which was the same as yesterday and packed up some fruit for the journey. This meant that I would have snacks at the ready and lunch already with me when I get hungry on the journey. If I hadn’t done this it would have meant having to get something in the station or on the train. This way saved myself calories and money.

As I had a late breakfast I knew I wasn’t hungry for lunch yet but would want a wee snack to see me through the walk to the station and the first half of my journey. So I opted for my favorite snack on the meal plan – rice cakes with peanut butter. I love this so much. Totally filled me up. Then I got my bags together and started the 2 mile walk to the station, which takes a lot longer when you have a suitcase full of books and your whole office in a bag.

I’m so glad I brought my own lunch, not only because I’m not tempted by any of the sweet treats but also because I just had a look at the prices of the stuff on the train and oh my god it’s a joke. Same as yesterday I had a whole-meal pita bread filled with lettuce and tuna. As we speak I am snacking on leftover strawberries from this morning. Unfortunately I still have another 4 hours of this journey, I do not like sat still for this long. Good thing my job is being a writer so I can get a lot done in this time.

Still on this train, seriously I don’t think I realized just how long it takes to get to London. I am not hungry as we speak but thinking about the advice Mike gave me yesterday for once I get to London. Hopefully there is a M&S or Tesco in the station and I can grab myself a salad bowl with some sort or protein to add. That would be ideal. Finger crossed, if not I will have to put my menu choices to the test.

Woo Hoo there is a M&S right outside the hotel so I grabbed myself a plain salad bowl and some cooked chicken with Mexican flavouring. Perfect!

Looking Back At The Day
Today was good, I hate being stuck still for ages but the fact that I got a session in this morning and did a lot of walking before and after the journey helped. All good food choices and no temptation. Now I’m off to get my free welcome drink at the hotel…it would be rude to turn it down.


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