Diet Challenge

Day 6

Today may be a day I go over my allowance, as I have no idea where I am going for dinner and I’m getting to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while for lunch.

My alarm went off 10 minutes ago to get ready to go to Project Awesome. I am so excited to see what free fitness is like in London.

What an amazing workout which included stair sprints, burpees, push-up and we even ran over Tower Bridge! I loved getting the chance to work out in such an iconic location and all for free. After we headed for some coffees and a chat, was lovely chatting to all likeminded people. But them came my first temptation of the day…Danish pastries. One of the members of the group had brought a whole tray of them for everyone. But I just politely said no thank you and let everyone else tuck in. On my way back to the hotel I headed to Pret to grab breakfast, I opted for porridge. Usually I would buy the honey or fruit compot that comes with the porridge but I thought plan was best. I know this is more calories (230) than my normal porridge brekkie but this was the best option for something warm as I was slightly chilly after that outdoor workout. Now I am off to do some work and wander around the city.

I went along to meet a couple of friends who I know from home that are in London for the day. We headed to a good old English pub where we grabbed a drink and went for a chat. My friends were about o head into the theatre for most of the day so they wanted some food. Nachos and onion rings were right in front of me. I don’t know what happened but my will power disappeared and I tucked into the nachos with the guacamole on them. Tried to avoid any with the cheese or sour cream but I am a sucker for guacamole so there was no going back. After I had stuffed a good 8 nachos into my faced I stepped back and stopped. I did not need this.

One of my favorite chefs ever is Delciously Ella. All of her food is plant based. That means no wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, meat etc. It is super doper healthy stuff but also even though is free from, super delicious. I have wanted to go to her deli for so long so that was on my agenda for this afternoon. I decided to go for what they call the MaE Bowl. You choose 3 salad items from the bar and they are put into a bowl. In mine we had – black orange rice, cauliflower dhal, sweet potato salad & a courgette muffin. Now I know this is not on the diet plan but I was not going to miss out on the chance to try her restaurant. I loved every bite of my meal and did not feel too guilty after as I knew it was all relatively healthy. I so want to go back for my lunch tomorrow, so what I might do is try fasting for the morning and then heading there for an early lunch.

My friend who is having me to stay while I am on this trip to London chose a gorgeous restaurant in Borough Market area called Black & Blue. It is a steak place with good wine and a great atmosphere. Again, ahhhh this is not on the plan. I told you these days in London were going to be hard. So what did a go for? A steak obviously. But instead of any sort of carb full side I went for steamed spinach. Also no sauce on the steak and no butter on the steak. It was so good. I haven’t had a good steak in ages. I avoided eating any of the fat on the meat which was fine as I don’t like that bit anyway. Also the spinach was a great side to go with it.
Looking back at the day
This has not been my best day. I should not have had any of those nachos, I did not need them at the time and it was just calories I could have done without saving. In terms of my lunch I have no regrets in my choices. I have wanted to try the MaE Deli for so long and I really enjoyed the meal. Dinner I think I made the best of where I was in terms of my order. Hopefully where we go tonight will be a little less fancy and a little more healthy.

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