Diet Challenge

Day 7 

Today I’m hoping to have a little more control over things. But with a big event tonight the evening of food choices could be interesting.


I have decided that black coffee is the way forward this morning. I am going to give fasting a try to save myself some calories for later in the day. Also I have a lot of walking to do this morning so that will help.

I headed to a coffee shop called MUD to do some work. I walked in and immediately smelt amazing! I looked around and everyone was tucking into French toast, breakfast sandwiches and stacks of pancakes. I took a second and spoke to myself ‘you don’t need this! You aren’t hungry yet! Just wait till lunch, it will be worth it!” I know that sounds like I have gone bat-shit crazy but sometimes you just have to take a moment to give yourself a wee pep talk. When the waitress came over I ordered a fresh orange juice, literally just an orange, so good and a black coffee. After finishing both of them I don’t feel hungry at all and I’m just not making eye contact with cake stand. Like I said in my day 1 post – out of sight, out of mind.

Ok so like I said I was fasting all morning until now and my goodness was it worth it. As I mentioned yesterday Deliciously Ella is my favorite cook and I found she has another deli. So I couldn’t miss the chance to have another one of these amazing Mae Bowls. I managed to find the original Mae Deli near Marble Arch. It’s such a beautiful restaurant, feels super homely. Honestly I cannot get enough of these bowls. I decided to try some new things today – spicy beans, black bean burger, pesto vegetables & orange broccoli. Everything was so delicious! Especially the beans, cannot get over how good they were, another level yummy. Again I know this is not on my meal plan but there is no way I could turn getting to try this place again. Now that I have been to both Mae Delis, I would say you need to come to this one first. If you follow her on Instagram this is the one you see in all the pics and her dog & hubby were even doing work next to me so that was pretty cool.


My willpower disintegrated on the way out and I grabbed myself a sweet potato brownie, I just couldn’t stop myself. It was like something else took over. And it was gorgeous, but I savored every bite. As after this that is it, last time I will cave into these cravings. I think I am secretly using the fact that I might not get to come back to this deli as an excuse. Right, now that I have totally indulged in all this plant based, free from goodness I am going for a big long walk.



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