Diet Challenge

Week One Done

Week one is done! When I say I have done a week of this meal plan I haven’t really because I have a very unpredictable life which has meant some very unpredictable places and choices.
Over the last week I have been travelling for work and had events with family and friends. This has meant eating out, not being able to prepare and sometimes not even having the choice of where we go to eat. And what this challenge has given me is the knowledge and determination to make much smarter choices while eating out – no sandwiches, no chips and nothing deep fried and covered in cheese. I have tried to be really look at everything on the menu. It has made me aware of the lack of healthy choices on the menu and the worrying things that some restaurants list as ‘healthy’. I went to one place where they seriously listed a cheese & ham panini with chips as one of their ‘lighter’ choices! What the fuck? That’s carbs on carbs covered in cheese. No wonder people are overweight in this country if they are being told that that is a healthy choice for their lunch.
Another lesson I have learnt is to listen to my body. I have started to actually think about if I am hungry before saying yes to a meal or a snack. I think so often when food is put in front of us we just tuck in even when we aren’t that hungry. So instead of just grabbing a choccy biscuit from the tray with your tea, stop for a second and see if you really need it. I know I didn’t listen to this when those nachos were put in front of me the other day, but one slip up in a week I think is alright. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. In the past when I went on diets if I had done something like that I would have thought ‘well that’s that fucked!’ and then just started to order whatever the fuck I wanted, Therefore fully sabotaging everything and ruining all progress I had made. However, something is different this time. I just stopped and went back on track straight away. Let’s hope I don’t have another slip, but if I do I won’t let it be the end of the diet and the ruining of this challenge.
Overall I am really happy I have started this challenge as I already feel like I have learnt a lot and I am excited to see how it goes. Now lets have a look at the stats:
  • Weight – 146lbs (loss = 3lbs)
  • Waist – 30 inches (loss = 0.5 inches)
  • Hips – 39.6 inces (loss = 0.4 inches)
  • Thighs – 23 inches (same)
  • Top of arms – 10.5 inches (same)
  • Mindset – lets fucking do this
The next two weeks are going to be much more normal, I will be at home for most of them and there will be a lot less eating out. So hopefully I start to see and feel a big difference. Bring on week 2!

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