Diet Challenge

Day 8

Today is a another day of travel so lets hope I can find some healthy options.

My alarm went off as I was catching a train back to Edinburgh after a fantastic few days. I am someone who doesn’t not like being rushed at all and I knew if I left at this time not only would I have enough to catch my train but I would also have enough time to make sure I had a healthy breakfast and some healthy snacks for the journey.

In the station I had a look around at the choices for food – bagel, sandwich shops, cake shops. Nothing looked remotely healthy. Every other traveler was walking past with breakfast pastries in hand and creamy coffees in the other. Then I spotted Pret. I know that they have a porridge which is around 230 calories if you don’t use all the condiments they have on offer. So I grabbed my black coffee and my porridge and tucked in. The porridge really filled me up and with the lack of dinner from the night before there was no way I waiting till I got on the train. Perfect filling breakfast to see me through the journey. However, I popped into WH Smith and grabbed some apples for the journey just incase.

So the aliveness hit me hard. I think again because I had had no dinner the night before after a very eventful night and hard workout my body needed something more. Ate my apple, it did not suffice. Shit. I did not want to go to that food cart because I knew with the grumbly stomach I had I would make bad choices in there. Luckily I found a deliciously Ella energy ball at the bottom of my bag. I know these aren’t on my meal plan but they were a much better choice than anything I was going to find on that train. And it did just the trick.

Finally I was back in Edinburgh and knowing there was no food in the house I again popped into Pret. I got myself a Pret veggie box, one of lowest calorie lunches they do. This one also came with turmeric which is fantastic for you. Perfect little lunch.

Well, it was sunny and you know what we Scots like do in the sun – drink, get sunburnt and have a BBQ. And that’s exactly what I did. My best friend was over for a girly night in and we decided a little BBQ was the answer. And I think we did very well at not making it the unhealthy BBQ you would normally have. For a start there was not a burger or bun in sight. In fact we had no bread or carbs with out BBQ. Instead we had:

  • Prawns (no sauce just grilled)
  • Sausages grilled
  • Corn on the cob
  • Avocado
  • Salad
  • Bean salad
  • Humus
  • Olives

I think you’ve got to admit that’s a pretty healthy BBQ. A lot of food I know and I am very aware that this was a treat and I know I will not be having another for a while but it was a good test to see how I would do at the others that will no doubt follow over the summer.

Looking back at the day
Happy with my choices while travelling, however annoyed that the lack of dinner the night before made me crave snacks. In terms of dinner yes it was a treat and yes I have probably gone over but again like I said before I still want to have a life.



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