Diet Challenge

Day 10

All day today I will be at the Yoga Festival Scotland which means being out the house all day and doing 5 hours of yoga! I have a feeling today is going to be a good day.

Bright and early start this Sunday morning as I need to head through to Dunblane for a whole day of yoga. So usual protein porridge with fruit to start. Need to fuel the body for the whole day of exercise ahead of me.

After our first class I was getting a little peckish and I didn’t want to be the person whos stomach is rumbling all through class so I had half a bakewell tart nakd bar. These were provided by the event in our goodie bags. I’m annoyed I hadn’t thought to bring my own snack like an apple.

Lunchtime and we all needed it. So far we had done 2 and a half hours of yoga and the last time I had had a meal was 6 hours ago. Luckily as it was a health event the lunch was relatively healthy too. I ordered the tune salad as this was what I would have been having at home on the meal plan anyway. Then they brought round everyone a small cup soup. Perfect, I wasn’t too full, I felt like I had stayed on track eating out and was ready for the next three yoga classes.

On my way back from Dunblane I went to do a shop to last me the week. I had my meal plans on my phone which made shopping very easy. I made sure that I was only buying stuff from the plan and nothing else. I am all prepared for the week ahead now and one of the best things was that even with all this fresh meat and veg the shop didn’t come in too pricey at all, in fact it was a lot cheaper than I expected.

Dinner was grilled chicken with veg and rice. I am a big fan of spice so I added a little Jamaica jerk seasoning to the chicken which gave it a nice kick.

The tiredness has hit and my whole body is sore after a full day of yoga and exercise. I know some people think that yoga isn’t proper exercise but they are truly wrong and I am living proof of that this evening. The other thing is that with all that exercise I am starving. So again I went to my go to late night snack – 1 rice cake with peanut butter.

Looking back at the day
I am so glad that the lunch was nice and healthy at this event. Also that fact that everyone was being healthy you weren’t the odd one out ordering a salad. Once I got home I was starving even after dinner I think all that exercise was taking it out of me, as I did the maths and I had burned off over 900 calories. So I thought I could treat myself to this a rice cake with peanut butter. However on Monday no more snacks after dinner, you are all witnesses to me saying this.


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