Diet Challenge

Day 11

This morning I have woken up with a horrible cold.

After an early night I managed to sleep through my alarm, that day of yoga must have really taken it out of me. Again usual breakfast but I have been playing around and trying different fruits and whey proteins in my porridge. Today I went for vanilla and raspberries, which I think I like even more than chocolate. However, next week I will be on my period so I’m predicting chocolate porridge all the way.

I’m sitting in the Virgin Money lounge in Edinburgh, where I do a lot of work, and staring me right in the face in a jar full of chocolate digestives. Everyone around me is tucking into milky coffees and biscuits. I must stay away. I’m thinking that I just might find another seat and then that way I wont see them, out of sight out of mind. But I did come prepared I have two apples with me just in case.

Lunch was super simple but delicious. A whole-wheat wrap filled with spinach and wafer thin sliced chicken. I added a little paprika to give it a kick. Then I had two salt and vinegar snack a jack rice cakes which come in a simple 43 calories each. Perfect lunch on the balcony but this cold is bringing my mood seriously down so I am going to go for a nice long walk and try to clear my head. Also might listen to the latest Tim Ferris podcast to give me a boost.

I have came in from walk and suffering. On my walk I bought a small smoothie which I chose all the ingredients for – 1 banana, handful of frozen berries and plain coconut water. The coldness of the smoothie really helped me feel a lot better and all that vitamin goodness is what I need the way I am feeling.

Simple dinner – baked salmon and veggies. I just wanted to make it easy and nutritious. I need all the nutrients I can get to fight off this cold. I really like baking salmon it keeps it so juicy and doesn’t need any fancy sauces or ingredients. This was exactly what I needed to fill me up without being too much on me. I feel like when you are ill you crave certain things and I need to avoid that so instead I am going to consciously crave nutrients and vitamins which is in everything in my meal plan. Lets hope I can battle this off to get back to the gym as today I did no exercise (apart from the 4 mile walk) which is not like me.

Looking back at the day
Ok so the smoothie wasn’t on the meal plan but everything in it was. I may have had slightly more fruit than intended today but with this cold I feel it is needed. Other than that it has been a day of healthy choices. Feeling happy about this, but not the cold.


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