Diet Challenge

Day 9

Me an my bestie treated ourselves to not setting an alarm this morning and it clearly we needed it. After a long lie we made ourselves our standard porridge brekkie. While she tucked in to porridge covered in honey I stuck to mine with just protein powder and strawberries. It was exactly what we needed for the morning we had ahead of us.

My whole business is centered around promoting free fitness therefore I have to live by example, I am constantly looking for new free classes to try around the country. Today class i was super excited for it was with Cyclebox. They are a small gym in Glasgow that consists of a spin studio and boxing ring. The combination is great. the instructors, Mandy and Wolf, led us through a tough workout. We were training like fighters with cross jabs, upper cuts, ball slams and a lot of squats. This workout was a real full body workout and I could feel every muscle working. But because of the Mandy and Wolf’s energy the class went so fast and we had so much fun the whole time. Fair to say we were more than a little sweaty at the end of it.

We spent the rest of the morning sitting out in the sun because you in Scotland anytime its warm and sunny you have got to get your burn on. For lunch I used the leftover salad stuff from the bob. I had lettuce, red onion, beans, tomatoes and grilled prawns. It was delicious.

Dinner time, there was still lettuce and meat leftover from the bbq so I grilled a small portion of the beef and had it with lettuce and olives. Great summery and healthy dinner.

I was craving something a little sweet so I had an evening snack of a rice cake with peanut butter, sorted me right out.

Looking back at the day
I know my lunch and dinner were not on the meal plan but actually they were very close it was just the meat that changed. However, I think it is good to switch it up sometimes and I was not letting all that perfectly healthy meat go to waste.

I don’t know if I mentioned this at the start but I am tracking everything I eat on the app, My Fitness Pal. This means that even when I am having days like today when I don’t have chicken or salmon in the house I know exactly how many calories I am having in the other grilled meats and not going over my allowance. And today I stayed perfectly within it and go a great workout in.


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