Diet Challenge

Day 12

The cold has taken over.

This is the latest I have slept in for a long time, apart from when I am hungover and been out till 4am. But last night I was in bed by 11pm which means I slept for almost 12 hours, that is insane. I must have needed as yesterday I was feeling like utter shite! Anyway I woke up and feeling slightly better, headaches are gone and I no longer feel like I have had the life sucked out of me. Even though it is so late I am still going to have breakfast, so porridge and raspberries it is. This time I added Prana Protein’s coconut protein powder. I love this stuff, made my breakfast taste like a bounty bar.

As I am feeling pretty weak I think it is best that I do not go to the gym, in fact I have cancelled my PT session with Mike, something I hate doing. I also hate not working out, this will be my second day in a row. This does not make for a happy Kathleen. So I have decided some vitamin D will do me good. I decided to go for another walk, this time only 2 miles but it really did help. When I was out I popped into the local supermarket and looked at a couple of fruit juices as that is what people have always told me to have when you have a cold. But when I started looking at the calories in these fruit juices I was blown away. And the level of sugar…holy shit! I immediately stepped back, got myself a bottle of water and left. There was no way I was using up some of calories on that shit.

For dinner I has a fillet of salmon left, so I had it with potatoes and veggies. I added Indian spices to my veggies, so good! Tonight I release how small a portion 100g of potatoes is, just shows that when you eat out you are getting massive portions of sides and you don’t even realize.

I had some greek yogurt with blackberries. I know I said no more late night snacks but I did not have lunch today and just wanted to get some more nutrients in me.

Looking back at the day
I am hating not being able to workout, it is driving me crazy. But I am trying to get as much walking in as possible so I am at least moving. Today was a good day in terms of eating, all on the plan and nothing bad. Also learnt a lot in terms of portion size and the hidden sugars in drinks.


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