Diet Challenge

Day 13

Let’s hope day 13 isn’t unlucky for my diet.

I’m so mad I did not make my normal 6:30am workout with Project Awesome but I woke up with my alarm and my temperature was through roof and I could hardly breath I was so bunged up. I did not think that an outdoor workout was going to do me any good this morning. Really sad to have missed it but I will be back next week. Breakfast is the usual, porridge with blackberries and coconut protein.

I am heading to a meeting with Training For Warriors Edinburgh which is 2.7 mile walk from where I live, then it a 1.6 mile walk from there to the station so I am going to be getting a good 4.3 mile walk in today with my massive sports bag. At least I’m getting some movement in when I’m not feeling strong enough for a heavy weights session.


After a great meeting with TFW I got on the train to glasgow. Checked my watch and I had walked 5.2 miles. Pleased with that seeing as I have not been able to go to the gym. On the train I tucked into an apple and a mini wrap with spinach and chicken I made earlier. Perfect to see me through to dinner. 


My friend had booked us in for a cabaret night ages ago. What I didn’t realize was that it was set menu. There was not on safe option on the menu: 


  • Crab cakes 
  • Creamy cauliflower soup 
  • Goats cheese and tomato tart 
  • Scotch egg 


  • Beef burger and fries 
  • Hallomi burger and fries 
  • Chicken tikka masala 
  • Steak pie with chips 
  • Fish & Chips 

Seriously what do I do with that? There was not one thing that was even close to the meal plan. Not one! And there wasn’t even menu change options. Everything was set in stone. When I looked around I noticed there was not one vegetable in sight, not one. Not even a leaf of lettuce in people’s burgers. What the fuck? 

After speaking to the waitress for a bit I went for the goats cheese tart and the chicken tikka without the nann bread. Now I know that neither of these are healthy and neither are even close to the plan. And after I did not feel good after the meal. I felt bloated, stodgy and guilty. I just want to get back on to the plan tomorrow and from now on will be avoiding any sort of set menu options unless I have looked at the menu before. 

Looking back at the day 

Today was good until I was in a restaurant I had not chosen and that was on a set menu. These deals are great for our wallet but not out waistline. I was quite shocked at the lack of healthy choices and the complete lack of options to make it healthier. What also took me by surprise was how awful I felt after eating it. Back on track tomorrow. Also weigh in day coming on Friday so let’s see what damage has been done. 


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