Diet Challenge

Day 14 

We have hit the two week mark! That means I’m a third of the way through. 


I woke up not feeling good after that dinner last night. I can see that stomach is sticking out and does not feel happy at all. So nice black coffee and plain porridge is on the menu this morning. Nothing fancy. 


My mum surprised me with a spa day at Archerfield today. Could not be more needed. On arrival we were given a shot of a health smoothie that was made up of apple, lemon, celery, avacado & lime. So good and nice little shot of goodness. The place is so beautiful and relaxing. I feel like a new woman after my mud bath, can’t wait for the rest of my treatments. Now I’m going to have some herbal tea and do some coloring. 


Lunchtime at the spa. My thought was great Super heathy. But no. I felt so bad because my mum was so excited that she had organized a beautiful afternoon tea for us. I think my face dropped when the cake stand arrived on our table. Oh no! I felt so awful that I was being treated to a day in one of the top spas in the country and here I am complaining about the luxurious afternoon tea that was in front of me. I couldn’t not have it, my poor mum thought she was doing a kind and special thing for me with this but in fact it’s completely against my plan. This was such an odd dilemma to be faced with, a lucky dilemma some might say. Anyway I started eating and made sure I was keeping count of everything I had and didn’t go crazy on the cakes. Limited my self to two mini cakes. My poor mum was trying to be so nice and I felt so ungrateful mentioning that it wasn’t on my plan. Has anyone else had a moment like this? I think with parents so often food is something they treat you with and are trying to be nice. 


Headed to lululemon for a free workout with Primal Performance. It was an hour of intense tabata. Just what I needed. Good to be back at it. 


Dinner time was a simple salad with wafer thin chicken and then a little geek yogurt after. Perfect healthy and cleansing dinner. 

Looking back at the day 

Aw this was so tricky as it’s so hard to say no to a beautiful meal that someone is treating you to. So often we see food as a treat and all my mum wanted to do was something nice for me. I felt so awful not being grateful as I know how lucky I was to be there for the day and having this experience. Anyway, happy to be back at the intense workouts. Got a session with mike tomorrow with a weigh in, let’s see what damage or good has been done. Wish me luck! 


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