Diet Challenge

Day 15

Woke and I can still feel this cold lingering but much better than I have been. Breakfast was simple porridge with strawberries and vanilla Prana Protein. Sets me up for a busy day of PT sessions and meetings.

Had my session with Mike and this was when I really realized that this cold has taken it out on me. My strength and my mindset were shot. I am a pro a weighted hip thrusts but today they were not my friend. I can normally do reps with 100kg no problem but today after some struggled attempts we had to bring it down to 70kg. I know what my body can do and today it was just not doing it. Throughout the session I started to feel a little stronger but I knew I was brining my usual game. Thank god for Mike though he was so understanding and encouraging. At the end of the session we did a weigh in, I am down another 1.4lbs. Woo Hoo!

Did a small food shop for the party I am having tomorrow, all the snacks are for the guests not me…I promise. But I was getting a bit hungry on the drive back so had a small snack size bag of caramel snack-a-jacks. Great wee treat and filled me up till I could have a proper lunch.

Super easy and super simple lunch, small bag of lettuce with some smoked salmon, done!

Came out my meeting in Glasgow really hungry, while running for the train I found a protein ball in bag. Good wee snack to keep me going until dinner. This one was a Spartan Protein ball, honey peanut flavor. I got it last night from the Lululemon workout. I’m not 100% sure of what the calories in it were as because it was a freebie it didn’t have the proper packaging. But I will base it on a very similar protein ball when tracking my calories as that is all I can really do. If you have any other tips on figuring out the calories for something like this let me know.

Dinner was sautéed spinach (I used coconut oil instead of butter), cooked chicken breast and a sweet potato. I decided to add a little French’s mustard to it as I love mustard so much and thought it would add a nice flavor without too many calories. Now I need to get the house party ready for tomorrow and my head ready for a morning of work tomorrow.


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