Diet Challenge

Week Two Done

This week has been tricky because of illness and lack of choice.

Being ill made me crave things I wasn’t supposed to have but I did not give into them. I did however increase my fruit intake. Having this flu thing meant I wasn’t able to do my usual crazy workouts which totally affected my mood, again making me want to eat things I am not supposed to. Again I did not give into temptation. It was interesting to see that these two things meant I craved carbs and chocolate, things I probably am used to going to in low times. However, I really noticed what a huge part exercise plays on my mood and keeping me sane. I have tried to do as much walking as possible when ill as that seems to help and means I am still keeping my body moving. I can’t wait for next week to back to the usual crazy boot camps and weight lifting.

In terms of lack of choice this was a really fucking annoying factor in my diet. There were two times this week where I did not choose where we were eating therefore I had not had my usual chance to look at the menu before. The first hurdle or should I say hurdle I was thrown into with no choice was when I went to Wild Cabaret with my friend. He had booked dinner and it was a set two course meal. I looked at the choices and immediately knew there was nothing I could eat on this menu. There was not a single piece of veg on this menu at all. Everything was beige. Everything came with chips. And most fo it was deep fried. I just had to make the best choices I could and not let it sabotage the rest of my diet. The second time I was faced with no choice but to eat what was in front of me this week was when I was at a spa day with my mum. She surprised me with the most beautiful afternoon tea. Tiny finger sandwiches and mini versions of every classic British cake. This was just one these moments when I had to eat it. I couldn’t turn around to my mum and say ‘eh no sorry I’m on a diet’. She had gone to all this trouble, in this luxurious venue to plan this for me. I’m not going to lie I thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon tea but I was very very restrained. It seems that going forward the fact that I tend to plan everything and all events will work in my favour as I can choose the restaurants I want and that I know will have something I can eat. Also I think I need to get ballsier in terms of asking for things to come with different sides etc.

Now let’s so what has changed:

• Weight – 144lbs (total loss = 6lbs)
• Waist – 29.7 inches (total loss = 0.8 inches)
• Hips – 39.2 inces (total loss = 0.6 inches)
• Thighs – 22.8 inches (total loss = 0.2 inches)
• Top of arms – 10.5 inches (same)
• Mindset – let’s keep going and not have any setbacks this week

The next week I think should be fine apart from a few issues:

  1. I am having a Eurovision party tomorrow with my girls, which means Sunday will be the first time on this meal plan that I am hungover. That’s going to be tricky. I always crave absolute shite when I’m hungover.
  2. I have two dinners out this week. However, I am going to choose the place we eat. That way I will know what I can have and will have made my choice before I go.

Other than that, I am really enjoying this plan and it has made me more aware of when I am hungry, how much I am eating and the choices that are around me. Let’s see what week 3 and the half way point bring.


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