Diet Challenge

Day 16

Standard breakfast of porridge, vanilla protein and raspberries. Yum! Perfect to set me up for an event day.

Got through to Stirling for our event at The Yoga Tree Stirling. The instructor took us through gentle intro to yoga session. I felt so much better after this and ready to take on the weekend.

Some of my old university friends came along to the event. While I was working they chose where we were going for lunch. Turned out they had chosen a new Japanese restaurant around the corner. When we sat down I looked at the menu and knew nothing was going to be on plan. The lunch menu was a small set menu, mainly consisting of Bento boxes. I tried to think about how to put this into context with my meal plan so went for the chicken bento box. It had miso soup, white rice, edamame bean, seaweed and a chicken breast. Not the worst but not the best, especially seeing as the chicken came covered in a peanut sauce. This was for sure going to take me over my calories. But at least I was having the deep fried options. Now I know you are probably reading this thinking “you should have just gone for the sushi platter”. But to be honest with sushi you never know the calories and end up eating a lot of rice. At least with the bento I could leave the rice out when I was full, rather than it being the core of my meal.

All my girls were coming over to watch Eurovision that night, I laid out all the snack fully knowing that I would not be tucking in. Therefore I had myself a rice cake just to tide me over for the evening.

Let the Eurovision party begin. Now I for sure went over calories when it came to drinking. We drank a lot, But the whole time I managed to avoid the cheese and meat platter I had put out for my guest. I also didn’t get a look in at the French bread on the buffet. Instead I did have a cracker with homous and a couple of handfuls of popcorn. Oh god this is starting to sound like I have gone completely off track but I didn’t. With a plethora of party food in front of me I managed to restrain myself. But the problem with doing that meant that the drink hit me much harder…much harder!

Apparently I tucked into some toast with butter. I have no recollection of this but yes two slices of brown bread with butter were “demolished” by me according to my friends.

Looking back at the day
Not the best day, in fact this is probably the worst day I have had on this diet due to the lack of choice and the abundance of alcohol. New rule, when on a calorie cut diet do not drink heavily! It hits you so much quicker and harder. Also after all your good work you come in and eat shit. But at least it was only a couple of slices of toast rather than a whole chippy. I will be interested to see how I deal with a hangover on this diet as usually I crave cheesy pasta all day.



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