Diet Challenge

Day 17


Woke up after a heaving night of drinking and felt fine. Had a couple of cups of tea with the girls. Then the headache started. This was a rough one.

I thought the best thing to do was to eat something as that usually helps my hangovers. Made some eggs with a slice of bread and a side if spinach. Thought this would be a good choice, relatively healthy but still enough to try and make me feel better hungover.

That food was the worst idea I have ever had in my life. I feel so sick.

Oh no the sickness has started. I am now going to just stay here on the bathroom floor till it goes away. Fair to say I will never be eating egg on toast again as trust me after you have seen it come back up its never going to go down again.

Still on the bathroom floor, still being sick.

Still on the bathroom floor, still being sick.

Managed to make it back to my bed but getting up every 15 mins to be sick again. This may be the worst hangover I have ever had! Seriously, how I am still being sick there cant be anything left for me to throw up.

Managed to have a shower, put a new pair of pjs on and made it through to the living room. After 6 hours of being sick it has finally stopped and now I am starving. So my diet logic went completely out of the window and in came my hungover mind. Without even being fully aware I found myself on my phone ordering a deliveroo Indian meal. Chicken tandoori, salad, rice and a poppadum. I honestly don’t even remember ordering it, it was like an out of body experience.

My deliveroo arrived and it solved everything. I felt so much better, it had everything my body was crying out for after all the sickness. Sugar, salt, fat…all the bad stuff. I enjoyed every second of eating it.

Now I am riddled with guilt. I am sitting here just beating myself up about eating this curry. I am so angry. I wish I had had food in the house to make and then this wouldn’t have happened. Actually I wish I hadn’t got so drunk and then this wouldn’t have happened. This is the time when I just start to listen to the horrible side of my brain and tell myself I am a fat bitch who needs to get her shit together and who is never going to be skinny. Why do we have this voice, I hate that voice, its an asshole to me!!

Looking back at the day
What a fucking disaster!! I have not been that sick since I got food poising a few years ago. I couldn’t stop being sick. Honestly, nightmare! I hate the fact I got a take-away, why? why? why? I just wish I had been more prepared and bought some food in that would have been there and then I could have just had that. But no my hungover head took over and sabotaged the day. I’m still sitting here kicking myself for this, like so mad! What an idiot. But tomorrow is a new day. I’m going to take on this week with a positive and determined attitude rather than looking back at this stupid slip up.


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