Diet Challenge

Day 18

Moving on from yesterday’s disaster and taking the week on with motivation and determination.

Porridge with raspberries and chocolate.

After a productive morning of work I decided to walk to the shops and stock up for the week. I made sure I had my list all written as this helps to make sure I do not buy anything that is not on there. The only problem once I got to the shops was the cravings. I am on my period and when I am I crave chocolate like crazy. Luckily the chocolate protein in my porridge seemed to help a bit. I thought about buying a bar of very dark chocolate as a small piece is on the meal plan as a treat. But to make sure I don’t go on a chocolate binge and just eat the whole bar (because that would happen if it was in the house) I decided to buy some highlights hot choc sachets.  These are only 38 calories a cup which means I can have a wee choc fix if I am craving one without feeling guilty.

Lunchtime – simple salad with tuna and a low fat tortilla wrap.

Afternoon snack as I wont be getting dinner till much later tonight. Went for an apple and a small bag of snack-a-jack caramel. Love these as they sweet, filling and a bag is 101 calories. Much better than anything else if you want something sweet.

After an hour and a half session at the gym I headed along to Pure Gym’s sports nutrition seminar. It was interesting as a lot of what he was suggesting I am doing. One of the best things her said was this “diet is king. Think about it, what matters more? One hour in the gym? Or the other 23 hours in the day?” It’s so true so many of think that going to the gym everyday is going to change everything but you need the combination of diet and exercise to see real results.

Late dinner tonight – chicken breast, corn on the cob and spinach. No carbs in tonight’s dinner but I knew I wanted to save some calories for some Greek yogurt and fruit as an after dinner snack. Also I had my 38 calorie hot choc as a treat.

Looking back at the day
I feel like I am back on the wagon after I fell head first off it yesterday. It is crazy what carnage alcohol can cause to your diet. But I’m back on, I’m motivated and ready to lose some more weight. Still got 14lbs to go so lets get on this.


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