Diet Challenge

Day 19

Today should be a good a day, but you never know with the temptations in the world.

Simple and standard brekkie – porridge, chocolate Prana protein and strawberries. I have a networking event today so trying to get all my work done before that. It says in my ticket that a light lunch is served with it. I am going to go prepared and have an apple with me incase there is nothing I can eat which would mean I would wait till afterwards. Better to be prepared and planned rather than just going in and doing some damage.

Got to my networking event and typical there is just plates and plates of sandwiches and cakes. I stared at the plethora of food and just thought, no! But then my stomach started rumbling and I knew I had an hour of speakers to sit through. I didn’t want to be the person with their stomach rumbling the whole time. So I grabbed one tuna finger sandwich. That was it and it did the trick. This tiny sandwich got me through the talk without the embarrassing stomach rumble. After there was time for networking and this was when the hosts decided to go around with the plates of cakes, shoving them in peoples faces. Why is it when you go to an event the meals are never healthy. I think I was the only person in the whole room that didn’t tuck into a plate stacked of sandwiches and cakes.

Finally I was home after the event. I made myself a delicious salad with some wafer thin chicken in it. I really enjoyed it and was no longer feeling like I missed out on the cakes and sandwiches.

I met my friend for dinner tonight. We decided on Nandos which suited me as I knew I could make a relatively healthy choice. I went for the butterfly chicken breast, corn on the cob and peas. All coming in at a total of 579 calories according to My Fitness Pal. Not bad for eating out.

We headed next door to the cinema. Now I knew this was going to be a big test! My three biggest weaknesses in the world at men, wine & pick n’ mix sweet! I fucking love fizzy sweet. Cola bottles, Haribo, Percy Pigs, you name a fizzy sweet and I will be in heaven. I always say if I could live off wine and fizzy sweets I would be a happy lady, but I wouldn’t be a healthy one. I honestly cant remember the last time I went to the cinema and didn’t get myself a massive pick n’ mix. Sometimes I like my pick n’ mix more than the movie itself. I just love them so much. BUT tonight was going to be different. I was going to have stay away from that section and just get straight into the cinema. But the problem is you always have to walk past them to get there and then there are the adverts with all the sweets in it. However, I DID IT! I managed to get through a trip to the cinema without a pick n’ mix. I know this sounds stupid but this is a big deal for me. Ask my best friend and she will tell you what a weakness I have for them.

Looking back at the day
Lots of temptation, lots of options and opportunities for sabotage but no sabotage happened! So I am a happy lady today. I am particularly proud of myself for avoiding the pick n’ mix. It was tough but you know once I was watching the film I didn’t even notice. That’s the problem with cinema food, it is mindless eating. Now I’m not saying I am never going to have a pick n’ mix when I go to the cinema in the future but what I do know is that I do not need it as part of my cinema trip and that I do have the willpower.


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