Diet Challenge

Day 20

I started my day the way I love, taking part in free fitness. Lets hope it keeps me on track.

Early start this morning as on Wednesday mornings when I’m in Edinburgh I head along to Project Awesome. Its an outdoor free workout that is tough but so much fun. Its the best way to start the day and keep you motivated.

Home after the workout and post-workout coffee. Tucked into porridge with strawberries and a new whey protein I hadn’t tried before. It was a lot sweeter than Prana but didn’t make my porridge as thick. Still nice to mix it up a bit. I am discovering this is my fav way to take whey protein.

Went to meet my dad for lunch. He is severely allergic to all dairy, wheat and gluten therefore finding somewhere to eat can be tricky but when we do they are pretty healthy. We headed to Grams, a new health restaurant in Edinburgh. Everything on the menu was dairy and wheat free, this was great news for dad. Also great news for me when I looked at what I could have. I chose to have a sweet beet bowl. The ingredients were: lettuce, brown rice, broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, onion & carrot. It was delicious. They had bowls with chicken, steak and even pulled pork. And they even have the best looking protein pancakes ever. I think once this challenge is over I will need to go and try some of them. But overall a healthy lunch, not on the plan but not a unhealthy mess.

I had to go and have a rest when I came in I had the worst period pains. It’s so annoying being a girl sometimes and just ruins your day. After I woke up starving and for something sweet. Knowing that I will not have dinner tonight I treated myself. Two caramel rice cakes with peanut butter and two small squares of dark dark chocolate. Holy shit this was just what I needed!! Feeling so much better and the pains have gone so I am ready to take on the rest of the day.

I went along to a Creative Edinburgh networking. I walk in and what am I faced with….a sea of pizza. And not your shitty dominos pizza but fancy amazing looking pizza. But after my late afternoon snack I knew I wasn’t hungry and just headed to the drinks area. This was when I hit another problem. I just wanted a soft drink but all they had was wine and beer. After much negotiation I managed to get myself a glass of water. I think it is ridiculous that a non-alcoholic drink wasn’t even an option. Just looking at that wine took me back to my hangover on Sunday so there was no chance.

I finally got home from the event and I was so hungry! I decided I needed to eat quickly so I just had some cold cooked chicken with sautéed spinach. Was actually so tasty and filled me right up.

Looking back at the day
Healthy even with a lunch out with my dad. Good to know that there is a spot around from my flat that is so healthy, means it can become my go-to for lunch meetings. In terms of the networking event, that is the second event this week where the spread of food has been unhealthy. I just don’t understand it, maybe its costs maybe its mass appeal but I feel like we need to change the type of food that is available at events like these. Maybe this should be my next challenge.


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