Diet Challenge

Day 21

We are at the half way point!

Really enjoying my early starts, glad to be feeling better and to be actually able to get up for them. Breakfast as normal porridge (40g), strawberries and chocolate protein powder. YUM!

I had a session with Mike today. It was so nice being back and feeling strong again. I was able to push myself and do exercises and weights that I hadn’t before. I left feeling so happy and motivated. He is such a good trainer and just gets me, I think when you find a trainer like that you do not let go of them. God what am I going to do when he goes on holiday next month…help!

Got back to the house and had a working lunch of Sainsburys Italian salad with cold meat added. Then I tucked into two snack a jack rice cakes. Filled me up and covered my cravings for any carbs so hopefully that will keep me away from the pasta and pizza tonight at dinner.

All I can say is Zizzi’s is a winner. If you are looking for somewhere to eat out when you’re on a diet or a cut this is the place. This is the first restaurant that has a symbol that shows when a meal is under 600 calories. It also always has an option for you to replace a carby side with a salad. Even better because it is all on the menu you don’t feel like an asshole having to ask for it. They even have a range of skinny pizzas which come in a at a cheeky 550 calories. Yes, you heard me, pizza for 550 calories. But I did not treat myself to a pizza. Instead I went for the grilled chicken dish, but this was no ordinary chicken dish. Take a look at the pic below. It came with a beautiful side salad and the chicken itself was cooked with peppers and courgettes, two of my favourite veggies. It was delicious. I wasn’t even looking at my friends pasta. I think she actually had food envy. It was delicious. The only downfall of the meal (in terms of my diet not anything else) we got a free glass of prosecco and portion of olives. Yum! Winning but not in terms of calories.

No deserts were had at dinner but after a fancy meal I always crave something sweet. I think it because I am so used to ordering a desert. But I just grabbed myself a diet irn bru and headed onto the train where there will be no temptation.

Treated myself to a wee 38 calorie hot choc.


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