Diet Challenge

Day 22

I woke up this morning and headed straight to the gym for an early morning session. But once I was there I started getting waves of dizziness. I am anemic but this was another level. So much so I had to actually sit down and try to get my head back in the game. My session wasn’t great and decided it was time to head home.

Breakfast was the usual porridge. Although this time I added strawberry whey protein. The flavor took me right back to my childhood, felt like I was eating having a strawberry milkshake. Don’t know if I would have this flavoring everyday but was a nice sweet treat.

I was feeling quite sick all morning after the dizziness but I knew I had a crazy afternoon so had a rice-cake and an apple to see me through. Then I headed off to a couple of meetings, all of which were 1.5 miles away so I knew I was going to get a good few miles in throughout the day.

Had a coffee meeting with Matt from Primal Performance training, the coffee shop we went to was really cute and full of the most delicious cakes. But it turns out having coffee with a PT doesn’t make you want to tuck into anything bad. So that was a bonus.

Off to the airport to collect my boyfriend, haven’t eaten anything since this morning but I think the combination of dizziness and nerves is making my appetite nonexistent.

We headed to ASK Italian for dinner. I immediately didn’t even look at the pizzas or pastas on the menu. But then I realized there wasn’t much else to choose from. I spotted a dish called Pollo Milanse, breast of chicken with broccoli, new potatoes and sauce on the side. Perfect. My boyfriend on the other hand ordered himself the meatiest calzone – lucky bastard. he also fancied a started so we ordered meatballs to share, when they arrived there was 5, two for me and the rest for him. I also avoided the sauce that came with them just to save myself some oily calories. When my main course arrived I was surprised to see that my chicken was covered in breadcrumbs. It did not say that on the menu. However, it was only breaded on one side so pretty easy to take off. I also didn’t eat all potatoes as there must have been about 600g, when I’m only supposed to have 100g. Its amazing when you start weighing your food how you realize how much bigger restaurant portions are to what we are meant to have. Even though I was surrounded by people tucking into pizza, pasta and garlic bread I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I left the restaurant without any guilt and without the stuffed feeling that Graeme was currently experiencing. What I haven’t mentioned here is that I was also on the vino, but as I said I am not giving up alcohol and that is not part of this diet.

Looking back at the day
Calorie wise this day was good but not my best health wise as I was not eating regularly. I am pleased with my willpower over dinner and the fact I had an active day, lots of walking and a gym session. I think I will need to start looking into ways to get more iron into my diet to make sure I don’t get anymore dizzy spells. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day eating wise, lets hope I don’t get led astray.


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