Diet Challenge

Day 23

Today is a busy day with a big dinner out which is no way at all on plan.

Lazy start to the day. I went for usual porridge while my other half tucked into scrambled eggs on toast. I could see him looking at my porridge and asked to try a bit. But then he did the thing that people on a diet hate, not only did he try one bit he took another massive spoonful. When your calories are limited the last thing you want is someone taking them! What the hell? Lesson to all people whos boyfriend/girlfriend are on a diet, do not under any circumstance eat their food! Anyway, he then decided that another breakfast was in order so he tucked into part two of his breakfast, porridge with fruit. Seriously, it is not fair how come he gets to have two breakfasts.

We were going to have an active day and climb up Arthur’s Seat but because the weather was so bad we decided to visit the national museum of Scotland instead. It is a good couple miles from the flat so at least we were getting a lot of steps in.

After getting our culture fix it was time for some lunch. We went to a small café on South Bridge called Brunch. The menu was full of sandwiches, burgers and pancakes. Not exactly diet friendly. There wasn’t even one salad on there. But they did have soup. I ordered myself a soup while my boyfriend went for a pulled pork baguette and soup. I also ordered myself an iced coffee, however once it arrived it looked more like a cup melted chocolate ice cream, covered in chocolate sprinkle. Fucking great! Now I cant have that. It was so annoying as I did not expect a desert to arrive when I ordered a coffee. I think a lot of the time we forget the calories in drinks, liquid calories are the devil and I was not going to waste any calories on this as we have a big dinner out tonight. When my soup arrived it was accompanied by a slab of bread. Luckily my boyfriend was more than happy to eat that and drink the ice cream coffee so that there was no more temptation. But what he didn’t realize was that I was sit directly opposite the cake stand. I just had to look away and pretend it wasn’t happening.

Dinner time with my other half and his parents. I was really looing forward to seeing them and we had chosen a restaurant called Topolo Bamba. It is Mexican tapas, which means not one thing on their menu is on my plan. I had spoken to my trainer, Mike, earlier on in the week and we had decided that there was no way around it and the best tactic was to keep my calories low throughout the day and then just enjoy the dinner and get back on track the next day. The most important thing was that I didn’t let this one dinner sabotage everything else.

I’m going to be honest I have never enjoyed a dinner more. Having restricted yourself from everything for the past few weeks, I savored every bite of this meal. We ordered a whole host of dishes – mini fish tacos, mini beef tacos, chorizo taquitos, chicken wings and tortilla chips with guacamole. Everything was delicious but I didn’t go too crazy. We ordered the perfect amount not too much but not too little. We were all perfectly full. It was great. It also made me realize is that this is how a dinner out should be, a proper treat. We are all allowed to treat ourselves and if it isn’t a regular thing you end up really enjoying every bite and every flavor. I appreciated the meal so much more than I have before. Also knowing I would be back on my diet the next day helped to make it even more enjoyable.

We headed out to meet a couple of friends for drinks.

On the way home from the club my boyfriend stopped to get a chippy. Oh my god it smelt good but even in my drunken state I was not going to get one. Once we got home though I needed to eat something so I had two pieces of toast. Not great for me after that dinner but at least it wasn’t a chippy or a massive portion of pakora.

Looking back on the day
Well it turns out that a treat should be exactly that, a treat. And if you do so you will appreciate and savor it so much more. I hope that a night of drinking will not ruin all the good work I have done and I can get back on track tomorrow.


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