Diet Challenge

Day 24

Oh wow I have a lingering hangover, lets hope it doesn’t ruin all my progress.

Headache – check
Feeling a bit sick – check
Craving all the bad things – check
However, I got up took my vitamins and tucked into a bowl of porridge with an extra helping of fruit to get those nutrients in to see if they can work their magic on this hangover.

We decided that the best thing to do would be to go for a nice long walk and clear the cobwebs. It was the best idea ever, we went out along the Leith River Walk and got in almost 4 miles.

On the way back to the flat we stopped off at a small coffee shop called No Mad coffee. Looking around there was not one thing I could have. With my hangover still sitting in the background I wanted to eat everything in site but instead I ordered a cappuccino and decided I would get a salad on the way home. My boyfriend on the other hand got himself a Chorizo and cheese sandwich. It looked the hangover cure from heaven.

We headed across the street to M&S to grab some food for my lunch. Well I thought it was for my lunch but he seemed to think it was also for his second lunch. I know what I can and cant have in M&S and on this diet I like to get in and out of supermarkets quickly so I avoid temptation. I grabbed a simple side salad bowl, some Mexican chicken and some prawns. As I was paying I was looking around for my boyfriend and I see him with his arm loaded full of crap. At this point I was starting to get hangry. He was taking so long to choose which family size bag of crisps he wanted I thought I was going to lose it. Not only had he already eating but he could have whatever he wanted and I was having to wait having not eaten for hours. I think he took one look at my face and then just grabbed the nearest bag of crisps. I have been told that my looks are so vicious they could kill.

I was hungry already, normally I don’t have my dinner this early but I couldn’t wait. I decided to go for potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn. I had a slightly bigger portion of potatoes than in the meal plan but I needed a little more sustenance. It was like having a potato salad, delicious and super filling.

This is the problem with having your dinner too early, you crave late night snacks. Out came the peanut butter. I managed to refrain myself from just taking the spoon and tucking into the jar, instead I limited myself to a table spoon on a caramel rice cake.

I started to feel so sick because I was so full. All the carbs in the evening were not agreeing with, alongside a hangover. Not feeling great and think I need to have an early night to feel better.

Looking back on the day
I proved to myself that I could make healthy choices with a hangover. I for sure went over in calories today but not by a huge amount. During our walk all I wanted to eat was a pick n mix but then my cravings started to change to things like avocado and chicken. I couldn’t believe I was craving healthy foods on a hangover. Lets hope I don’t have another hangover to deal with anytime soon.


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