Diet Challenge

Day 25

New week, new challenges, new determination!

Simple brekkie of porridge with fruit. I have started buying frozen fruit instead as it was getting pricy and this way I get a nice berry flavor in every bite.

Decided that I would get more work done if I left the flat so instead I have came to a coffee shop. As always there are temptations but I am on a mission this week. So black coffee and a green tea will all I will be ordering today.


Lunch was good – lettuce, roasted pepper, onion and BBQ cooked chicken from M&S. I have found that their deli section they have lots of different flavors of cooked meats, and I don’t mean tiny waiter thin meat, I mean proper chunks of chicken. The best part is you don’t need any sort of dressing on your salad with this stuff added as they have so much flavor, but not that many calories. Then a salt n vinegar snack a jack, cheeky 41 calories.

Gym time! Feeling strong today and ready to take on a good session.

As I said this week I am really gonna be strict with myself. So dinner was grilled turkey breast with some herbs and spices, brown rice and green veggies. I mixed the veggies and rice together with a little bit of olive oil and seasoning, delicious. Now I know it looks a little boring but it was super tasty and filling.

As I started my Monday night guilty pleasure, made in Chelsea, I also tucked into another little treat. I had more than enough calories left after today so Greek yogurt and strawberries for desert. So tasty and fulfilled any sweet cravings going on.


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