Diet Challenge

Day 26

Today I am at a conference all day lets hope that means I will be too distracted learning to think about food.

Gym time! As I will be stuck in a conference center all day sitting I decided I should start the day with a good gym session. Did a little HIIT and some weight, made it a quick but sweaty session.

Breakfast – the usual – porridge, frozen berries and coconut Prana Protein. I actually posted this breakfast on my Instagram story and when I got to the conference a trainer friend of mine (Matt from Primal Performance)  mentioned it. He pointed out that I have been using red milk, which he believes I shouldn’t. Apparently for just 50 extra calories I could have green milk and get way more calcium benefits. I’m going to give it a try for the next week and see if I notice a difference.

Coffees before the start of the conference and there is a plethora of biscuits on every table. But instead I focused on networking and the fact that I was still full from breakfast. No mindless eating here today.

Another coffee break and another whole host of biscuits being shoved in my face but I was not interested in any of them.

Lunch break from the conference and I thought I would need to go out to get some lunch as I assumed it would be the usual crap you get at conferences. I was shocked to find tables of fresh veg and salads along with hot fillets of salmon. Jackpot! This was the best free lunch I had seen at event in a very ling time. I ticked into the salmon, said no to the potato and pasta sides and instead stuck to all green veggies and a small piece of brown bread. Other people I could see had their plates stacked high with pasta, potatoes, salmon and bread covered in butter. No one needs that many crabs for their lunch. Also eating that many carbs I know I would for sure be getting the 3pm slump. I mean check out how colorful and tasty my lunch looks, no need for all those added sides.

After thoroughly enjoying my lunch I decided to go for a walk. I didn’t want to spend the rest of the hour just sitting when that was going to be the rest of the afternoon. When I got back to the conference center I noticed that they had wheeled out desert, white chocolate cheesecake. It did not look appetizing to me, also I was so full from lunch. I’m not a fan of white chocolate at the best of times but right now it just didn’t look great, so pale and unappetizing. Below is a pic, what do you think? Would you want to waste every calorie you had left for the day on that?

Home from the event, I feel like I have taken in so much information my brain is going to burst. Decided to have a cheeky diet irn bru and a rice cake to see me through to dinner.

Dinner tonight is lettuce tacos, my friend Sarah is over for dinner and like me she likes to try and stay nice and healthy so that’s a bonus. Got some turkey mince, taco seasoning and kidney beans. 25g of rice each for along with some romaine lettuce which makes the perfect little taco shell. This dinner was super filling but also refreshing, the fact we didn’t have proper taco shells made it a lot less stodgy.

With these bright nights we thought we take advantage of it and go for a few miles walk, perfect to get the metabolism going after dinner. When we got back we each had a little greek yogurt which comes in a cheeky 68 calories.

Looking back on the day
This was a good day calorie wise, movement wise and educationally. I am so relieved to have finally attended an event that offered something healthy for the lunch. I understand that it can be more expensive but why cant we just take a little more time to think about what we are feeding ourselves.


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