Diet Challenge

Day 27

Mixed day with travel and events.

Alarm went off for Wednesday morning routine of Project Awesome. The workout this morning was tough, but brilliant. Lots of sprints, burpees, duck walks and press-ups. Love that I have already exceeded my steps for the day before 8am.

Iced coffee in hand I headed home for some breakfast, the usual porridge with fruit and protein. Haven’t bought green milk yet like I was recommended to do.

I think all this working out has made me super hungry. Had my last rice cake with some peanut butter. I am now promising not to buy anymore rice cakes as I just cant seem to stop having them as a cheeky snack with peanut butter and the calories are sneaking up on me. You are witness to this – for the next 2 weeks of this challenge I vow not to have anymore caramel rice cakes with peanut butter. I am done!

Lunch was just a simple chicken salad with peppers and tomatoes.

Time for a HIIT workout. Tonight we had our event at The Club Gym in Glasgow. Our trainer Louise put us through our paces and made us sweat like crazy. So much fun.

Had to run across Glasgow to make my train in time which meant leftovers in my Tupperware for dinner. I was so glad I was prepared for the day ahead and knew I would be having a late train journey home. Having my dinner with me meant I avoided any temptations on the way home. I brought leftovers from our lettuce tacos which was actually pretty tatsy for a cold dinner.

My boyfriend met me at the station and as it is our anniversary I was greeted with flowers, percy pigs and millionaire shortcake. So sweet of him to think of the things I love but none of them are on the plan. I am worried because I am one of those people who eat whatever is in their house, if it is in the house it will be disappear into my belly. I wish I had more willpower than that but I don’t. This is going to be tough to stay away from these sweet treats not that they are in my house.

Treated myself to two percy pigs…oops!



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