Diet Challenge

Day 28

Cannot believe we are four weeks in, this is going so fast!

Gym time again. Did a good HIIT and Pyramid session. But needed to get a lot of stretching in as I was sore from the double workout the day before.

Breakfast time – the usual

Time to do some work in Costa Coffee, avoided all the treats that are on display and instead stuck to the iced coffee.

Lunchtime – as it was such a beautiful day we decided to get a little takeaway lunch and sit in the park. I went for a chicken and coconut salad, it was delicious. Really filling and yummy!

On the way home we decided to stop for a ice-cream. I didn’t know what to do as I looked at all the choices. I had Magnums, Cornettos and Ben & Jerry’s staring back at me. Then I spotted the Solero at only 98 calories! Woo Hoo! A sweet treat for not too many calories.

Dinner time while I work. More leftovers from the taco night. I heated up the rice and mince and served with some salad and tomatoes. So tasty.

OH NO!! I said this was going to be honest and I am being honest. I ate the whole Millionaire Shortbread. I cant believe it, it was like something took over my body and stole all my willpower. And I didn’t just eat it, I demolished it. It was gone in seconds! I am so mad at myself now and feel like shit. AHHHH! Why did I have to eat it? I knew I would feel like this but I could not stop myself, what the hell? HELP ME!!!

I have been sitting here for the past few hours just beating myself up about this. So annoyed. Right end of, no more temptations in the house! NO MORE!!!


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