Diet Challenge

Day 29

I have a crazy busy day with work and a wedding. I know I will have no control over what I can eat at this wedding but lets hope it doesn’t set me too far back.

The usual breakfast before I drive through to Glasgow for a networking events.

Arrived at the Creative Morning Glasgow. They had a great spread on which included muffins, Danish pastries and croissants. But I stuck to the fruit as I know I have the wedding all day.

I was ready and prepared for lunch, brought my own salad. Simple – lettuce, chicken, peppers and tomatoes. This was a good choice as I know with weddings they can be long days with lots of unhealthy nibbles. I hope this will fill me up till the dinner.

WEDDING TIME!! Which means lots of prosecco. As I said before going into this diet I am not including alcohol in this. So pop the fizz and lets celebrate my friends beautiful day.

Dinner time at the wedding. We had small menus on the table. For starters we had the choice of pate or melon, I went for the melon as it is filling and refreshing. Next came a small cup of red pepper soup with a small bread roll. Main course I had beef which came with mashed potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding. Then for desert I had lemon tart instead of the chocolate cake. Now not one thing on this menu was on my plan, well maybe the melon but nothing else. There was nothing else I could do about what was in front of me. I do know that I could have opted out of the desert but I didn’t. I know I should have but I didn’t and I will pay for that tomorrow and make up for all the calories I have had today.

My friend and I actually missed out on the rolls and evening buffet, thank goodness.

Turns out not only my dignity but my willpower disappears when I drink. They had a pick n mix station at the wedding. You all know how much I love pick n mix and my drunken brain knew that too. So I had myself a small 10p mix style bag of sweets. Luckily they had very small bags for you to fill up so at least that’s a plus.

Looking back at the day
This day has been a complete fail diet wise, complete fail. But there wasn’t much else I could do as at weddings it is difficult to be fussy. Also with alcohol involved it can be difficult to keep the diet momentum going. I have two weeks left of the diet and I really want to well, I don’t want this weekend to mess it up. I am going to go ahead for the next 13 days with determination and discipline…apart from tomorrow morning as it is a breakfast buffet which could be a hurdle.



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