Diet Challenge

Day 30

Can’t believe I have been doing this for 30 days, lets hope I can take smash it for the next 12 days.

Breakfast time after the wedding. Woke up feeling good as last night even though I had a lot of drinks I was making sure I had water throughout the night. Although my feet are so sore from all the dancing and high heels. We headed down to the hotel for breakfast. I looked at the menu and there wasn’t anything on there, it was all full cooked breakfasts. Then I noticed the small plates section, I went for the eggs and mushrooms. Unfortunately when it arrived it was on two large pieces of toast. These menus need to be clearer. I will be honest I was slightly jealous of my friends fully cooked breakfast and chocolate croissant.

Lunchtime at my parents house. Their house is full of temptation, I mean full of it. But they also have all the good cooked meats and fish. You know the fancy ones that look like you got them at a farmers market. I made myself a small open sandwich with a little bit of boursin and a whole lot of yummy salmon. So tasty.

Workout time. Today my work event was at Cyclebox, a spin and boxing studio. The workout consisted of 30 mins of each. I swear I have never sweated so much in my whole life. I was a hot, sweaty mess. This workout was amazing! I’m so glad we got a chance to try this place out. If you are in Glasgow and looking for something a bit different then you have to try out Cycebox.

Post workout I headed to the juice bar down the road. YUM! Had myself a simple smoothie made of strawberries, bananas, pineapple and a wee bit of almond milk. This was so good and made me feel so much fresher after the stodgy food last night and the sweat fest that was the workout I had just done.

Dinner at my parents. Not your traditional dinner at the parents as they are out for dinner. So I basically made a meal out of things I could find. Went for a sort of egg fried dish with veggies and cooked chicken. Really tasty and filling and without any carbs.


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