Diet Challenge

Day 31

Happy Sunday everyone!

Was at my parents house but luckily they had porridge and some fruit so I was good to go.

I headed along to Sweaty Betty in Glasgow for some free fitness. The workout was tough. All of this for forty seconds each – walk outs, lat dips, squat jumps, burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers & frogs. Then a run around the block. All of that six times!! With this sunny morning it was a sweaty mess. Brilliant start to the day.


Went to do a food shop. I have friends staying with me for the next week so there is going to be a lot of eating out and temptation. God help me.

Lunch – simple salad with chicken and peppers with tiny dash of piri piri sauce. After lunch snack a little bag of snack a jacks. Now for a whole day of cleaning the flat.

Dinner time – grilled chicken with rice and grilled veggies.

Greek yogurt and strawberries as a little desert.

Looking back at the day
I feel as though having had sweet stuff at the wedding has increased my appetite. Which is annoying. I need to stop with the snacking. Also the week ahead is going to be hard with guest staying and lots of dinners out. But I will just have to make smart choices and hope I do as little damage as possible.


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