Diet Challenge

Day 32

I have friends visiting this week which means lots of eating out. Let’s hope I can keep my willpower up.

Standard brekkie of porridge with fruit and protein powder. I have switched to semi-skimmed milk this week after my friend Matt’s advice. Let’s see if I can see a difference.

Waiting in the airport for my friends to arrive so decided to grab some mango and a diet irn bru as their flight has been delayed and don’t want to be tempted by crap.

Got my friends to their hotel and out came all the treats. They had brought me so much American candy I couldnt believe it. Oh no!! My plan is to leave it all at my parents so I don’t eat it. Maybe I can also get my boyfriend to eat most of it. I did have two peppermint patties, could not resist.

Lunchtime – we went to Pret just to grab a quick bite to eat before we head off on a day of sightseeing in glasgow. I had a simple greens and grains soup. Delicious and healthy.

Wow we have done a lot of walking around the city. Happy to be getting my steps in.

As I have friends from the states visiting I am making sure they try lots of glasgow and Scottish staples. And of for course that means curry, as we all know the national dish of Scotland is chicken tikka masala. I didn’t opt for that instead for my main I had the lamb tandoori. This means it’s grilled meat, plain rice and salad. Good option if out for an Indian. However, I did cave in and have – 1 poppadom, 1 piece of chicken pakora and 1 piece of haggis pakaora.

Oh god I do not feel good after all that food. Not good at all.

Looking back at the day 
Not great to be honest but also not as bad as it could have been. Let’s hope I can avoid anymore crap over the next few days.


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