Diet Challenge

Day 33

Today is a day of sightseeing so hopefully I can stay away from the sweet treats that every tourist wants to try.

Early start to take my other half to the station. I decided to go for a walk after I had dropped him off which was a good start to the day.

Starving I had myself a tablespoon of peanut butter…oops!

My guests were a little slow at rising this morning so have only just made it through for us to go to breakfast. We headed to a small place in my hometown of Milngavie called Bullands. Its a traditional Scottish tearoom. Perfect for them to try a full Scottish breakfast. I knew it was going to be tricky to find something I could have on this menu. I also know that Bullands have the best cakes so I would just have to look away. My friends went for the full Scottish and scones. Lucky bastards! I opted for the healthiest thing I could spot on the menu, scrambled eggs on brown toast. It was funny when it arrived because it was the first time I noticed how beige a cooked breakfast can be. I was jealous of my friends breakfasts but I knew that I had made the right choice for me. One thing I did not account for was that the toast that came with mine would come already buttered, and I mean covered in butter. I actually had to scrape some of it off.

We headed to Glengoyne Distillery as their first port of call for the day. Unfortunately as the driver I did not get to take part in the tasting but did get my whiskies to take away.

We got to Stirling and I left my friends to see the castle. I headed to Café Nero to get some work done. This meant time for a nice iced coffee.

We headed to Brewdog for them to try some Scottish beers. Again as the driver I could not treat myself, so I stuck to the diet coke and some dry roasted nuts were shared between the three of us. Seeing as we hadn’t eaten in 5 hours and we had done a lot fo walking around everyone was getting peckish.

Back to Edinburgh for dinner. We headed to one of my favourite places, The Huxley. They do tapas bar food. I went for the Jambalaya and monkfish. When the monkfish arrived it was battered, I didn’t know that was how it would be served so not exactly. I tried to pick off the batter as much as possible, the fish itself was lovely and meaty. Neither of these things were on my meal plan but I was at that point where I was so hungry I just needed to eat. My friends tucked into garlic fries, chicken satay, salmon and more fries. I did not indulge and feel better for it. They then got themselves a baked cheesecake, I stuck to finishing my small white wine.

Looking back at the day
We didn’t actually eat a lot today considering. I think because we ate so late in the morning it meant we didn’t actually need anything till dinner. I need to remember this next time I sleep in. I am going to make sure for the next few days that I always have healthy snacks with me so I don’t end up having the menu panic when I’m hungry.


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