Diet Challenge

Day 35

I cannot believe we are at the 5 week mark, this has gone so fast!

Early start as my friends were heading off on a trip to Loch Ness all day. As per usual I had my normal breakfast. We stopped at starbucks as I walked them to the station but I just stuck to a black iced coffee.

I went to see my trainer Mike and we did a great session. I was feeling strong and motivated. We did a weigh in after and I have still lost weight, this was such a relief. I honestly thought because I had eaten out so much and had a few slip ups (the anniversary millionare shortcake and the American treats) I would have gained. Phew!

Back to Edinburgh and back to a day of work. Which means a lot of sitting around. I will need to make sure I get some walking in later.

Same lunch as yesterday, simple sandwich with wafer thin chicken, spinach and mustard. I did tuck into a few of the dairy free nut bites that my American friends bought me from the states. But I logged each one and they came in very low in calories. Probably because they are tiny.

My family showed up for coffee. We went to the modern art gallery in Edinburgh which has a lovey café but is full of cakes. Luckily my uncle is on some diet too I was not alone while everyone else ordered carrot cake and empire biscuits.

My friends finally made it back from their day of being proper Scottish Tourists. We headed to the nearest place that still had the kitchen open as they were starving. It was the villager on South Bridge. They have a very small menu which is a good thing for decision making but not so much for your diet. I ordered the veggie platter. It came with two salads, chickpea patties and veggie spring rolls. It was the healthiest thing I could find on the menu and the only one that didn’t have too much that was deep-fried. Unfortunately because I was so hungry I ate my whole platter, including the spring rolls. But at least I wasn’t having a double burger and chips like my friends. I also did not have desert.

The walk back to the flat is about 2 miles so that was good because on top of my session with my PT I had got around 6 miles in today.

Looking back on the day
I could have done better in terms of my dinner order. As I said before I need to be more confident in asking the server what exactly is in every dish or if I can make substitutions. This is something I will make a real goal for the last week and for the next time I do this or a similar challenge, actually no I will just make this a goal from now on. We should be able to know exactly what we are ordering and make changes should we need to. We are paying for it after all.


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