Diet Challenge

Day 36

Happy Friday everyone!

We all had a bit of a late rise this morning which was nice. Simple and usual brekkie of porridge with fruit and protein powder. I am running out of my Prana Protein so any tips of good proteins for your porridge, let me know.

We went to see the Kelpies, if you haven’t done this it is  a sight to see. However, they did have a burger place open at 11am which was a little worrying. The only time I have ever craved a bacon, double cheeseburger in the morning is if I am seriously hungover.

Headed back to my parents house where I tucked into a tasty salad from what I could find from their fridge – spinach, lettuce, peppers and Italian meats. Delcisou.

oh dear oh dear oh dear! There were chocolate covered pretzels in the kitchen that the Americans had brought me. They are my fav. I told you all I could think about was sweet stuff, well the willpower disappeared and three of those pretzels were eaten. Actually not eaten, devoured. Oh no! What was I thinking! What the hell? Ahhh I now am so mad. I’m beating myself up about eating these, why did I do it.

Lots of running back a forth and heavy lifting as I get set for the expo I am working at all weekend. Hopefully work off some of that guilt from the pretzels.

Headed to a friend of mines for dinner. I nipped to Sainsburys before and bought some strawberries because then if she had bought sweet stuff for after dinner I could just have those and avoid temptation. She cooked a delicious stir fry for dinner. I was happy because this is a pretty healthy option for dinner. Apart from the spring rolls she put in the middle of the table. I only had one…and a half.

Got home as I have a long day tomorrow, my mum was in so we had a glass of wine together. Nice end to the day.

Looking back at the day
I am so pissed ta myself for eating those pretzel. I am in the last week I should have more willpower than this. I think I found it easier in the first few weeks compared to now. Its like my body is saying “fuck it we are almost there”. But I still want to do well and lose more weight. Other than that considering that for both lunch and dinner I was eating at other peoples houses I did pretty well in what was made. Still mad though and beating myself up.


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