Diet Challenge

Day 37

It’s Saturday and it’s sunny!

Fuelling up for the day ahead at the natural expo. I was staying at my parents house last night so I cant have my usual brekkie. Instead I am having half a container of strawberries, natural fat free yogurt and some Weetabix crunch. Not the normal meal plan breakfast but still getting my fruit and protein in there to fill me up.

Today I am presenting at the Natural Expo all day which means a lot of standing, actually standing for the full 8 hours, good thing I have my trainers on. My wonderful friend Saz came to help me all day.

There are so many sweet treats around this place, although everything is vegan. There is vegan cupcakes, vegan chocolate, vegan breads, vegan cakes….the list goes on and on. Me and Saz were good and opted for the smoothie bar instead. I had a pineapple, peach and papaya smoothie. I was glad to see all they added to that was coconut water so the calories are low. This should keep me full for a while.

I started to need something more substantial. Now everything in the place today is vegan, I mean everything. You cant even get cows milk in your coffee. So I went to look around and see if anything took my fancy, there was a lot of sandwiches and pasta style dishes. But then I saw a Jamaican Jerk stand. They had salad wraps with soy jerk beef. It was delicious. The wrap was whole meal and opted for no dressing so that reduced the calories a bit. It actually tasted like beef too which was strange.

I was given some vegan nut chocolate by one of the other stands. It was delicious. and I know I know not on the meal plan. Aw man!

Day is finally over and I meeting my mum for dinner. She had booked pizza express as we were going to the cinema next door after. I looked at the menu and there wasn’t too many choices but they had three salads, so I chose the pesto chicken salad. To start we had some olives. The salad arrived and it was super tasty but when it arrived it had three massive breadsticks on it. OH DEAR!! Someone remove the breadsticks before I eat them all. This is when I need my boyfriend around as he would just them and then I wouldn’t have to look at them for the rest of my meal. I finished my salad and then the breadsticks were just sitting staring at me. It was like they were speaking to me “just have one, you deserve it, go on!!” What the hell?? I think I am officially going crazy now that food is talking to me. Well you can guess what happened next, I caved and had a breadstick (this is when I need the monkey emoijis). Fuck this man, where the hell has all my amazing willpower gone??

Another cinema trip without any pick n’ mix!! Woo Hoo!

Home at the parents house so of course the wine gets opened as we sit down to watch our new fav show, Peters Kays Car Share. Then I have a couple of glasses and walk into the kitchen. This is when the food started talking again. It was those bloody chocolate covered pretzels! What the hell? I was like a woman possessed. I had the last two. FUCK!!

Looking back at the day
It was a bit of a shit show if I am honest. It all started so well and then the minute I had that vegan chocolate it all went downhill. I had so much willpower and determination in the first 4 weeks and it seems to be diminishing by the day. This is so annoying. I need to get my shit together.


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