Diet Challenge

Day 38

Ok Sunday, lets make up for the day before and do things better.

Same breakfast as yesterday as I have to make do with what is at my parents. Strawberries, yogurt and Weetabix crunch. Lets hope it keeps me away from the sweet treats longer than yesterday.

Coffee is needed this morning to get me through this long day of presenting and selling.

Lunchtime, it has been a slow day and I have managed to avoid boredom eating which is good. I did the same as yesterday and took a look around all the vegan options and couldn’t find much that took my fancy. The simplest option looked like a small humus sandwich with red onion. It was on whole meal bread and had spinach so at least I was getting some protein from that.

That tiny sandwich did not fill me up at all. So when my mum came over with some more of that vegan chocolate I of course had a couple squares….why!!! Ah this weekend is going to shit. Come on Kath get your willpower back and shit together.

Day is over and I headed over to my friends house to see my goddaughters. That was a nice bit of light relief and let me tell you if you ever want to be put off eating something, simply watch a toddler eat it. Don’t think I will be wanting mac n cheese anytime soon.

I got home and had nothing in the house. I had not planned this day very well. The only thing that was in my fridge was small quinoa curry pot that you an put int he microwave, it comes in a measly 198 calories. So that was dinner, not very exciting and not very satisfying.

I was still hungry so I tucked into some yogurt with granola and fruit. This sorted me right out.

Looking back at the day
Again not my best day. Not my worst but not my best. My consistency of willpower seems to have gone. I make healthy choices throughout the day and then something happens and it goes to shit. Or I make healthy choices and then when temptation is put in front of me in the way of snacks all willpower goes out the window. I only have 4 days left of this challenge so I don’t know why I can’t seem to get focused.


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