Diet Challenge

Day 39

Its Monday lets do this! Only 4 days left.

Back to my normal brekkie of 40g of porridge with a scoop of protein powder, fruit and semi-skimmed milk. I love this brekkie. This will for sure be my go to breakfast.

Heading off to a conference all morning, which is good. They sent us an email saying that they would not be providing any refreshments at the event. I was relieved to see that as it meant there would be no temptation at all.

Headed to the supermarket to stock up for the next few days. Stuck to what I know and didn’t get tempted at all. Really pleased with this and something I think will stick going forward when doing my shop.

Lunchtime is a simple salad of lettuce, peppers and M&S Mexican chicken. This chicken is marinated so it means there is no need for a dressing and the whole packet is only 193 calories. I also had a small stick of cheese. More protein and helps keep me full for the rest of the day.

Gym time. I feel like I haven’t been to my gym in ages with having visitors etc. Was nice to be back and be in the zone. Spent a good hour and a half there, along with a mile walk there and back means I’m getting some good steps and activity in today.

At the Natural Expo I was given black rice jasmine pasta, so I decided this would be a nice carb to have in my dinner instead of the usual brown rice. It was funny looking and came out purple. But it tasted delicious and a portion came in at 190 calories. To go with this I had green veggies and cooked chicken breast. I felt so much better after this meal than I had in a wee while as I have been eating out so much it was nice to cook for me again.

I had almost 200 calories left from the day so I had a small piece of Nimble bread toasted with vegan Nutella, A warming sweet treat on a rainy night. This meant I had hit 1,198 calories today. Much better.

Looking back at the day
I feel like I have got my groove back. I need to keep this up as when I do eat healthier I feel better, proof was tonight’s dinner. Also I know I don’t need all those treats. I can do this. Bring on the last three days.


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