Diet Challenge

Day 40

40 days wow I cant believe how fast this has gone.

Later start today and back on the normal breakfast of 40g of porridge, semi-skimmed milk, fruit and protein powder.

I went to see my trainer Mike. So good to see him and speak to him about the problems I have been having diet wise over the last week. It was reassuring to hear him say that I am not the only one who experiences the final week hard. I think it is because you know you are close to the end. However, my training is going really well and I’m feeling so much stronger.

I decided that because I am away later this week I need to make sure I am prepping food. So I decided that with all the peppers I have I would grill them. You don’t need to add anything, simply cut them into large pieces and then place under the grill. The flavor you get is so yummy especially if you let the skins burn a little under the grill. I put half away for tomorrow and the rest I added to my salad of lettuce and M&S BBQ chicken. No dressing needed again as the chicken does that job. Also had my little stick of cheese too.

My friend Saz sent me a picture from her TimeHop as it is 2 years ago today that we ran ToughMudder. When I saw the pic I was in shock. I was so much bigger. I knew that I had lost weight over the last  two years but I hadn’t noticed quite how different my face and body shape is now. Ever since I started training properly and doing weights my body has changed dramatically and I hadn’t even noticed. I always just saw this chubby girl. So massive thank you to Saz for sharing that pic with me as it made me see that progress can be slow but so good.

I decided to be fair I would use two workout pictures in similar outfits for the comparison as that would be more real (left June 2015, right May 2017)

Having myself a teaspoon of vegan Nutella which comes in at 18 calories. The good thing is the vegan one tastes so rich you only need one teaspoon, it is not like normal Nutella. Also it means my sweet cravings are covered. If you are looking for something similar it is called Almighty Foods Nut Butter.

Having the same as last night for dinner. Really liking this black jasmine rice pasta, its so tasty and filling.

Had three nut cluster things that I got from my friends in the states. I got them from my American friends. Just checked the packet and they come in at 150 for 3. Slightly more than I thought they would be seeing as they are diary free etc. But now I feel full and satisfied.

Looking back on the day
I feel like today went well. I got some good activity in and stuck solely to the meal plan (part from the nut clusters). Also really pleased with the progress I have made over the last two years. I honestly thought I had made no difference, even though I knew my clothes were a little looser. Nice to get a little reminder that you are on the right track even though it takes time.




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