Diet Challenge

Day 41

The penultimate day, I cant believe it.

My alarm has gone off as it is Project Awesome mornings woo hoo!

That’s us having coffee after an epic workout. I managed to get 4 miles in of running, we ran stairs too in that. There were also lots of burpees, planks, push-ups and hugs. Great way to start the day and now on the iced coffee.

Time for brekkie and it is going completely off the meal plan as I have nothing in the house and don’t want to buy anything as I will be away for the next 6 days. So all I have is some Nimble brown bread with peanut butter. Got my carbs and my protein.

Lunchtime is the same as yesterday – simple salad with peppers and M&S smoky cooked chicken. Then a small cheese stick.

I have been running around like a mad woman today and have already hit 11miles on my step count. I’m so glad too because dad has juts said he is taking us all out for a curry at the best curry place in Edinburgh, Dishoom. Oh dear! This is not going to be good for my weigh in tomorrow.

Curry time, however this place is not your normal curry house. I ordered grilled tikka mahi mahi, grilled spiced lamb, cucumber and onion pickle and a very thin rotti. I think this is a pretty healthy choices for an Indian dinner. The restaurant is called Dishoom, its in St Andrews Square in Edinburgh if you want to check it out. It smells amazing, the minute you walk in you are hungry.

Time to go see some comedy, but because I am driving to Dundee to see Mike in the morning I will be not having the usual vast amounts of drink that comes with going to a comedy club. So damage is reduced again.

Looking back at the day
Seeing as we are near the end I feel as though I have got more motivation in terms of not having sweet snacks which is good. I am so excited for my weigh in tomorrow, I want to see the end result.


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