Diet Challenge

Day 42 – The Last Day

The last day of the challenge.

Off to Dundee I go to see Mike. We did a heavy heavy legs session, I am feeling strong and healthy. Also because I have lost weight my chin ups are getting better. We did our final weigh in which I will share with you in the end of 6 week post, along with the before and after pictures.

I knew I wouldn’t have anytime to get breakfast as I was driving back to Edinburgh so I went and bought myself some Belvitta breakfast biscuits and a yogurt. This type of breakfast may be quick and easy on the go but it does not fill me up as much as my usual protein porridge with fruit. Next time I know I will not have time to make breakfast I am going to try and be prepared the night before by making something like overnight oats.

I met with a friend for coffee. On a day like today when the miserable many of us crave to be inside with a hot drink and cake. I got two of the three from that scenario. I was in a cosy coffee shop, Nomad, with a skinny cappuccino but no cake. My friend got herself a panini laden with cheese and all types of Italian meats. I was a little jealous but I knew I had a day of travel ahead of me so I would be sat still so I had to be careful what I ate, also even though it is the last day doesn’t mean I just give up.

Popped into the M&S in the station to grab myself some lunch for the train. I went for a simple salad, some of my favorite Mexican cooked chicken and two rice cakes covered in chocolate. These are a great wee snack from M&S as they are sweet, filling and come in at only 164 calories.

Made it to Aberdeen. I am there to get on the Northlink ferry to Orkney where my boyfriend is living. The boat journey is around 7 hours and I have been on the boat before so I know the food selection isn’t the best. So that meant another wee trip to M&S on my way to the ferry terminal.

On board and hit the high seas, when I say I seas I mean high. This boat was pretty rocky. I get quite nervous on boats so I phoned my boyfriend in the hope he would calm me down. But while on the phone to him I stress ate a packet of jelly worms that were meant for him. It was like an outer body experience. I didn’t even notice I had done. Its amazing what your subconscious can do without you knowing. Now I feel sick and I cant tell if it is because of the boat or the jelly worms.

I tucked into my dinner. I go the Harissa Chicken Salad from M&S and a sushi snack pack which is only 104 calories. This really filled me up. Perfect on the go dinner.

I made it to the island! Woo Hoo.

Looking back at the day
This has been a really long day with a lot of temptation, anxiety and being sat still. Basically a weird type of day. It was interesting that in a time of stress my body craved the sweets I loved as a kid. As I have said before so often we use food as a comfort and this was a good example of my subconscious associating these sweets with being happy and calm when I was unhappy and stressed. It was like I saw them as a way to make me feel better. However, food is not the answer, actually it was speaking to my boyfriend on the phone that made me feel better. I need to remember that next time and try not to turn to junk food and fizzy sweets when I am feeling stressed or anxious.


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