Pull-Up Challenge

Day 1

Here we are back at day 1 of a challenge again. I love the feeling of Day 1 there is so much determination, excitement and hopefulness. I know that this is going to be a tricky challenge as we have less than 6 weeks. And with a challenge like this it is not as much about self-discipline but instead about my determination to build strength and train.

As I said still trying to keep up the low calorie diet so usual breakfast of porridge, protein powder and fruit is back. The protein will be very important this time as we need to fuel those muscles to get me pulling up that bar. I got a new protein from MyProtein called Smooth Chocolate, it is nice but very sweet so I can only have half a scoop in my porridge. If anyone has any suggestions of flavors which are good in porridge I would really appreciate some recommendations. 

Time for my session with Mike. First one with this challenge which means a brand new program. I am excited to start this and see how I get on.

After a good old catch-up we got to work. The aim is to increase my reps of pull-ups with the resistance band, todays goal was 20 reps. And I did it! The only annoying part was that I was in a good rhythm with my last set of 3 and I think I could of done more. Next time I am going to keep going to make sure I get as many in as I can and increase my reps. I am learning that the rhythm of your pull-ups has a great impact on how well you do and how strong you feel.

After this goal was smashed we did a few more arm exercises working the traps, back muscles and lats. I am going to be feeling this tomorrow. I love working my legs and glutes so this is still part of the program but not the focus as it has been in the past.

Here is a little video of where I am right now on Day 1:

As you can see I  clearly need to work on my core strength too as I am moving around a lot while I am pulling myself up. However, at least I am getting somewhere and with a pretty light band. I will keep you updated with videos of how I get on and what band I have moved on to.

Thinking I might go for a walk tonight as it is such a nice night and I want to try and make sure I get as many steps in as I can each day to increase my calorie burning efforts. Also a walk always helps you feel so much better when you have a lot to do and a lot to think about. I have some of my best ideas for writing when I am out for a walk. So really it’s a win, win. 


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