Pull-Up Challenge

Day 4

Yesterday I had a wee day off from working out as I knew I had an intense workout coming today.

Standard porridge brekkie, still need to find a new protein powder as this one is way too sweet but still really enjoying this as a breakfast.

Today for my work we are spending the day with Training for Warriors Edinburgh. The workout is circuits based but half the time you are a coach to someone else. This makes it loud, sweaty and super motivating. We did one minute blasts of each exercise three times round. This included:

  • Ball slams 12kg
  • High Pulls 6kg
  • Toe taps 5kg
  • Sprints
  • Body weigh squats
  • Knee grabs
  • Russian twists 5kg
  • Mountain climbers

After the workout I got the chance to speak to some of the members who have achieved some amazing things through being part of Training For Warriors. It is the kind of workout that if a gym is not for you then this is. It runs in 8 week programs and you gain a support and social group through it as you are all in the same boat.


After the workout I was starving as I hadn’t had any lunch and just worked very hard. So I went into Tesco on my way home. I know what you’re thinking, a supermarket on an empty stomach is the worst idea ever but it was fine. I put on my tunnel vision and headed straight to the salad section, got all the ingredients I needed and a can of diet irn bru and got the hell out of there.

Watching tonights love island and all I want is chocolate or sweets. But I am being good and having pineapple. It is the sweetest thing I have the house, can you believe that.

This pineapple is not doing the trick, all I can think about is sweet treats. I think the answer is to go straight to bed after and brush my teeth , that means I wont crave anything anymore…I hope.


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