Pull-Up Challenge

Day 5

Monday brings a new week, a new very busy and exciting week.

Alarm went off which means it’s gym time. I headed along and although this challenge is all about me being able to do a pull-up and building my upper body strength I still have a lower day workout in there. So today that’s what I am focusing on, bum and legs. Surprisingly after the training for warriors workout I was feeling strong. I managed to squeeze in;

  • Back Squats – 32.5kg – 10, 35kg – 10 x 3✔️
  • Push ups
  • Dumbbell Walking lunges
  • Lat Raises
  • Face Pulls
  • RKC Planks

Then I did a cheeky little leg finisher which I am a little bit obsessed with as it appeals to my competitive nature. Basically you have three minutes and you do rounds of ten squats, ten squat jumps and 20 reverse lunges. You keep going till the three monutes is up and see if you have beaten your last score. I am getting better each time but it can be a killer.

Made a delicious wee salad with a pita bread to tide me through the afternoon as I am viewing flats all afternoon.

Thank god I had lunch earlier as that’s me only just in and I now have to sit in front of a computer all night doing our applications for this flat. Eating wise was good as I was out and about most of the day and then filling out flat applications all night. And we were so busy all day I didn’t even have a single snack.

Still at the computer and I am really please because I have been so focused that I have had none of the sweet cravings I had the night before. Now time to submit our applications.


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