Pull-Up Challenge

Day 6

I can’t wait for my workout tonight as I am getting to go back to one of my favorite and sweatiest places in Glasgow – Cyclebox.

After ticking everything off my to-do-list I headed through to Glasgow to help my parents clear out their house as they are getting lots of work done. Which means temptation everywhere.

Managed to stay away and for sure got a lot of steps in with all the moving of furniture and boxes, its amazing the things you find when you start clearing out.

Time for lunch with my friend Sarah, we headed to Kcal Kitchen in Glasgow. Its super healthy and delicious. I had a Moroccan salad bowl and protein shake. Yes that’s how healthy this place is. My food was so great, I was full but felt great because everything had been so healthy.

Popped on my ‘no fries before Dubai; top and headed to Cyclebox. This place is small but super motivating. we had Mikey as our instructor and he made us work hard. At one point he said “you get what you put in from this class”. This made me push harded and cycle faster. The class itself was 30 minutes of high intensity bike work and 30 mins of boxing. I felt like Anthony Joshua – jab jab cross, jab jab hook, uppercuts, squat jumps, push ups, bag work. By the end I was panting and sweating like crazy but fucking loved it.

Weekday sleepover with my bestie which can only mean one thing – Love Island. We had ourselves a cheeky love island snack – dark chocolate rice cakes and peanut butter. We realized at this moment how much we have changed. It is not like the old days of haribo, crisps and massive bags of buttons. Time have changed. Our attitude to food has changed and our tastes have changed. Perfect trash TV snack.



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