Pull-Up Challenge

Day 7

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Early start as I have a lot on the to-do list today and I want to have a good long session at the gym. For breakfast I was at my besties so we had Weetabix. Believe it or not but I have managed to get to 26 without ever having Weetabix before. We just had it plain with a little bit of milk and it was alright, its a strange texture. I think the problem is that I don’t like soggy cereal and this goes instantly soggy. I don’t know how I felt about it but you never know. Coming in at 204 calories for the three biscuits isn’t too bad but I’m not sure it will become my new go to. Good when you’re in a rush, particularly for me as I eat it so fast so it doesn’t get soggy that its a really fast meal.

Went for a big food shop got myself lots of fruit and healthy yogurts as I have been getting cravings late at night so bought a few new things to try to see if they help. Will let you know.

Gym time. Today I did my upper program. I chose not to increase any of my weight from last week as I know I have session with Mike tomorrow and want to be able to smash that. In this program I had lat pull downs to start, they are one of the most important exercises in my training to be able to do pull-ups. Then I had barbell rows, shoulder presses, lat raises, push-ups and bi-cep curls. I then did a cheeky 25 min blast on the treadmill as I feel like I haven’t got a lot of movement in today as I was driving back from Glasgow for part of the morning.

Again another evening of paperwork and to-do-lists, I swear this whole being an adult thing is not as fun as you think it will be. No one mentions all the documentation, fell like I’m doing my application for the apprentice all over again. Tucked into one of my healthy sweet treats. Its a new muller light chocolate desert, comes in at 99 calories. Let me tell you, the packaging from the outside makes them look a lot bigger than they are. But they did help, also had a handful of cherries, perfect little sweet treat.


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