Diet Challenge

Day 34

Another day of sightseeing and then an event in the evening means I need to be prepared and ready for the day ahead.

My alarm went off because it is one of my favourite parts of the week – Project Awesome morning. I was taking my guest from the states along as they are part of a similar movement in the states called November Project. This was a tough workout this morning, I was sweating like crazy and got a lot got miles in.

I had my usual for breakfast. Even though I had bought all the breakfast treats you do when you have guests staying I stuck to my usual while they tucked into pastries and variety packs of cereal.

I walked my friends up to the castle, while showing them around the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Although at 12pm I left them to continue the sights on their own as I had an afternoon of work in Glasgow ahead of me. Once I got back to the flat I looked at my watch and I had added another 4 miles onto my day.

Lunchtime. I didn’t have much in so I made a simple sandwich with wafer thin chicke, spinach and mustard. Then I had a caramel rice cake and a table spoon of peanut butter.

Events all afternoon, luckily they are health related so no temptations anywhere to be seen and I am driving so cant even have a drink.

Met my best friend for dinner at Zizzis. I was really happy when she suggested Zizzis as it has healthy options on the menu and all the calories. Last time I had the chicken skewer, this time I went for lamb. Delicious. My friend had the fish skewer which looks so good too. It comes with lots of veggies and a super tasty salad. Perfect. Just stuck to water too all night so meant no liquid calories.

I finally got home and took at look at my watch, I had walked/ran 11 miles that day! Wow. I was super please because I had also got a great workout in. Really happy with my eating and exercise today. All while still managing to have a life.


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